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Why God Became Man (Hebrews 2:10-18) - Christ Child Return From Exile (Mat 2:13-23) "See Write Up."

Good morning, my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Jared's discussion focused on Hebrews Chapter 2 and Matthew Chapter 2, elaborating on God's decision to become man and the Holy Family's refuge in Egypt. He emphasized the significance of Jesus' sacrifice and how it offers salvation and redemption to humanity. The conversation also highlighted the parallels between King Herod's cruelty, the Pharaoh's command, the Magi's gifts, and the move to Nazareth.

Spiritual Discussion on Hebrews and Matthew Time 0:00:

Jared led a spiritual discussion focusing on a reading from Hebrews Chapter 2 and Matthew Chapter 2. The second part, from Matthew Chapter 2, discusses the refuge in Egypt that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus found and their return from exile. Jared asked the board for a quick prayer before starting the discussion.

Christ's Death and Adam's Sin Time 3:01:

They emphasized that Christ's death destroyed the power of death and the devil and that through this act, believers are no longer bound by the fear of death. Jared also highlighted that while all humans suffer the consequences of Adam's sin, they only carry the guilt for their sins.

Matthew Chapter Discussion: Significance of Egypt and Nazareth Time 13:29:

The meeting primarily focused on a discussion of the biblical chapter of Matthew, specifically verses 2 through 23. Jared presented a detailed interpretation of the verses, emphasizing the significance of Egypt as a refuge for the Holy Family, akin to Israel's escape from captivity. Jared also underscored the role of the gifts of the Magi in possibly funding the journey to Egypt. They noted that Herod's death and the subsequent events were foreshadowed by Jeremiah's prophecy about Rachel's eternal mourning for their children. Lastly, Jared explained that a warning dream influenced the move to Nazareth and was part of the fulfillment of prophetic words.

Biblical Prophecy and Spiritual Insights Time 23:37:

Jared discussed Matthew 2:23 and that the prophecy found in that verse could not be precisely identified according to the commentary of the Orthodox Study Bible. It has, however, been referred to the rod found in Isaiah 11:1, the Hebrew word "neser," and also to the Nazirite, the Hebrew word "Nazir," found in Judges 13:5. Matthew, may also be alluding to the passages in which the Messiah was despised since according to the Scriptures at Nazareth did not have an excellent reputation in which we can see in (John 1:46).

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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