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My name is Jared Wesley Campbell and a former US Army Veteran. I feel blessed to have what I have in life. My wife Heather Campbell who has been my rock through my trials and tribulations. We have five beautiful children that are force to be reckon with. I consider myself to be a hardliner who never gives in with the masses. I follow my own path in life and I love to challenge narratives daily. Compliance is slavery in my opinion, because there is nothing wrong with seeking understanding. We live in the age of lies and disinformation. It seems to me those who seek the truth slowly become the outlaws. I have been trying to wake up the masses since returning home from Iraq in 2005. I saw things in Iraq that made me question it all, and no I'm not talking about PTSD. True courage is measured by those who chose do the right thing regardless of persecution. This is not my full story but only the beginning. See I chose too live my life like a lion and not a sheep. The journey I seek is not only seeking the truth, but exploring a better way to live as a Christian. So if you are looking for someone who loves to challenge daily narratives than give me a chance... "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."- Ben Franklin


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