The Full Story



We are all called to be Watchmen for Christ our God and his 2nd Coming! My blog is about readings and reflections that come out of the Bible. I put things into perspective of how in society today the scriptures and how God’s wisdom can make changes if we only had faith. I’m no Biblical scholar, just an imperfect man on a mission to not only warn the world he’s on his way back. I’m also being a champion in spreading all the wonderful things Christ has done in my life, and singing his victories as well. 

What I do on this blog is not about me but about how Christ has saved a lost soul like me. My mission is to share the truth about the Gospel! Help others who are lost just like me! Lastly I want to show the world from the perspective of a nobody who has developed a unique relationship with our creator. We are all called to do three things in the eyes of God, to be WATCHMEN, share the Gospel with truth and honesty, and lastly worship him in prayer and truth with all of our hearts! 

“Those who choose to be watchful in truth and honesty gain full wisdom and understanding; and those who choose to remain asleep stay confused and ignorant!” - Jared W. Campbell