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The Chosen S1, E1: "REDEMPTION" (Isaiah 43:1-4) "Every Follower of Jesus Doesn't Have a Good Before"

Good evening, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Isaiah 43:1-4

The Redeemer of Israel

43 But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob,

And He who formed you, O Israel:

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by your name;

You are Mine.

2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.

When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,

Nor shall the flame scorch you.

3 For I am the Lord your God,

The Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

I gave Egypt for your ransom,

Ethiopia and Seba in your place.

4 Since you were precious in My sight,

You have been honored,

And I have loved you;

Therefore, I will give men for you,

And people for your life.


Jared facilitated a discussion on redemption, using a clip from a season one episode featuring Mary Magdalene's redemption, and emphasized the struggles every follower of Jesus faces a bad "BEFORE" until they find redemption in Christ.

Redemption: Struggles and Free Will

Jared led a discussion about redemption, starting with a clip from the chosen season one, which features Mary Magdalene's redemption. He emphasized that every follower of Jesus experiences struggles before finding redemption. The group then read from Isaiah 43:1-4, which speaks about the Lord redeeming his people. He emphasized that we have free will to accept or reject this salvation.

Jared's Faith Journey and Ministry Aspirations

Jared shared his journey of faith before becoming a Christian. He used to be a backslider who went to church every Sunday but did not read the Bible. However, three years ago, something changed within him after watching a specific scene that filled him with peace and joy. He started reading the Bible and has been doing so ever since. He also shared that he had struggled with PTSD and addiction but has been redeemed. Jared has been blogging and posting videos on YouTube about his Bible studies, and he is now studying Bible and theology at Bushnell University. He is considering becoming a priest or doing more with children and youth ministry. Jared emphasized the importance of asking, seeking, and knocking in prayer and learning God's truth through the Scriptures. He believes that doing God's will leads to receiving His blessings.

Faith's Role in Transformation: Perseverance & Sharing

He attributed his transformation to his faith and his acceptance of salvation. Jared emphasized the importance of focusing on the future and persevering in one's journey, urging the group not to give up. He also mentioned his intention to share his personal experiences and read from the Bible in future meetings.

Holy Trinity and Salvation Discussion

Jared discussed the Holy Trinity, including the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. He emphasized the importance of faith and accepting salvation, referencing Paul's transformation from persecutor to chosen vessel of Christ. Jared also mentioned that we should be the salt and light of the world and encouraged others to turn from their wicked ways and fulfill God's purpose for their lives. The discussion ended with Jared expressing his love for those present and encouraging them to continue sharing the good news of salvation.

In Christ, Love Jared W. Campbell

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