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THE BIBLE: DAY16- “STORE UP THE WORD OF GOD IN YOUR HEARTS" Proverbs 2, Matthew 12:22-45, Gen 32-33



Our lives are two-way streets, and we are often left to choose between the usual fork in the road. We can choose to go to the right, and this way leads to Christ and a life of eternity of love and peace, or we go to the left, which is the way that is often taken because it's easier for us, and we all love to live that easy life, that easy life the world wants us to live. God calls us to live a different life and sometimes causes friction with our earthly life and living customs. As we journey through our readings today, we will see the Importance of storing God's word in our hearts and how beneficial it is for us all.


Wisdom/ Reading Proverbs 2:1-22


The loving son receives the words of Wisdom, and he hides them and stores them in his heart. This loving son becomes an obedient listener to Wisdom and inclines his heart to understand.

Christ, the Wisdom of the Father, The Father places the crown of virtues on a son who seeks Him just like people who seek the gain of silver and treasure. This type of son will come to know godly fear and eventually know God the Trinity.


The crown of virtues: understanding and perception:


Humanity has two roads on which they can travel: the evil road of the vices and the excellent road of the virtues. Each is addressed in the passages, and the evil road leads to Hade's death, from which there is no return, and the good roads lead to the world that is to come, eternity with Jesus.






In vv. 22-30: Who is Beelzebub? He is also known as Baal, who was the prince of "the dung heap" or also called 'lord of the flies"- a god that was worshipped by the Philistines (4Kingdoms or (2 Kings) 1:2-16). In v. 24, the Pharisees call Jesus the "ruler of the demons." The Pharisees show their envy towards Jesus and choose to remain blind to the wonders of Christ. Our Lord beautifully illustrates that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and this makes a lot of sense because when we are united, we are bound to each other in love. Jesus is also pointing to the state of our hearts here in this passage: if we are divided into the lines of good and evil, then we are in jeopardy of being overcome by our pride and arrogance, just like the Pharisees we see here in the scriptures.


In vv. 31-37: We get our answer to this entire passage; the Greek word 'kardia,' that is for heart, gives us a deeper look into what Jesus is saying. The heart used here refers to the center of consciousness, which is the seat of our intellect and the will, and this is how our spiritual life proceeds. When the grace of God floods the heart, it masters the body and helps to guide our thoughts and actions. On the other hand, when we have malice like what is seen in the Pharisees, and evil captures a person in their hearts, they become full of darkness and spiritual confusion.

In v. 38, Jesus had already performed many signs, but the wicked Pharisees had wicked intentions and ignored the wondrous signs. On the other hand, our Lord refuses to cater to them, knowing their hearts are full of evil and not good.

In v. 39, "Adulterous Generation" describes a nation and a generation unfaithful to God.

In vv. 43-45: We are to guard our hearts and seek full repentance so the Holy Spirit can dwell in each of us, but without full repentance and a change of heart, evil could return and be much worse in us than at first.

Today's readings from the New Testament remind us of the Importance of the state of our hearts and how to live a faithful life versus an unfaithful life.



See my devotional video for a summary of these readings.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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