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The Bible Day 9:Psalm 7, Matthew 7:24-8:22; Genesis 19-20:18 -Do You Believe God Makes It Right?


Our readings yesterday ended on behalf of Abraham when he interceded for Sodom before the LORD. Abraham says at the end of v. 25 in Genesis 18, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right? Do you trust and believe that the LORD can make all things right by His mercy and judgment and His everlasting love for all of humanity?


Jared led a discussion on various biblical passages and themes, emphasizing the importance of faith, belief, and hospitality. He used examples from Genesis 18, Psalms 7, Matthew 7-8, Genesis 19, and Genesis 20 to illustrate the significance of these themes. He highlighted the importance of founding one's faith on a steady foundation, the theological significance of the story of King David and Absalom, and the importance of personal virtue in the church for success against spiritual warfare. He also underscored the importance of not looking back to old ways and the significance of offering hospitality. The discussion concluded with an encouragement to believe in God's ability to make things right.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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