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THE BIBLE: DAY 19 “What Is Your Most Valuable Treasure?” Psalm 11, Matthew 13:36-58, & Genesis 38-39

INTRODUCTION: THE BIBLE: DAY 19 – "What Is Your Most Valuable Treasure?"If I had just one question to ask any of you, what is your most valuable treasure in your life? Many of you, including myself, would most certainly answer our families, a close friend, a close co-worker, and some of you may say something of material value. I wonder how many of us would mention God first as our most valuable treasure. The reason we don't always go to God first is that we, indeed, all live a life of material comfort. In today's readings, we explore the challenge of ensuring we all make God our ultimate treasure in our lives, and we see how making God our treasure comes with blessings when we remain faithful to Him.


David wrote this psalm as a song of trust in God, and we see David start, "In the LORD I take refuge (v.1)." David understands that his treasure is the LORD. He feels confident in taking refuge in the LORD as if he knows from experience he will delivered into safety. David understands the power of the LORD, but he is also aware that life is a struggle, "The LORD tests the righteous and the wicked, but in the same verse says God hates the lover of wickedness.

David knew the LORD was his treasure and prayed confidently to that truth.

The New Testament/ Reading Matthew 13:36-58Kingdom of Heaven Parables DiscussedJared discussed the parables of the Tears explained in Matthew 13, the parable of the hidden treasure, the parable of the pearl, and the parable of the dragnet. He explained that the parables are metaphors for the kingdom of heaven, illustrating the value of finding the treasure of Christ and the need to surrender all else to receive him. He also highlighted the rejection of Christ by the people of Nazareth and the subsequent judgment of those gathered in the Church. He concluded by emphasizing that all are subject to judgment, even those in the Church and that the Old Testament is not excluded but praised as a treasure by Jesus.

Old Testament/ Readings Genesis 38-39

Biblical Stories of Judah and Joseph - Jared recounted the biblical story of Judah, focusing on his sons' and his wife's deaths. He also discussed Judah's daughter-in-law, Tamar, and her confrontation with Judah, which led to her becoming pregnant and producing twins Perez and Zerah. Jared also highlighted the story of Joseph in Egypt, emphasizing his success and popularity, the false accusation by the master's wife, and his subsequent imprisonment.

Joseph's Story and Christian Reflection: Jared led a discussion about chapters 38 and 39 of the Bible, specifically focusing on the story of Joseph. He highlighted the themes of adultery and fortification as sins, with Joseph viewing them as great wickedness. Jared emphasized Joseph's holiness and submission to God's will and how these traits led to Joseph's eventual prosperity. The conversation ended with Jared emphasizing the importance of reflecting on one's most valuable treasure, concluding that Christ and faith should be our treasure. He also expressed his intention to continue reading the Bible at the beginning of each new year.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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