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The Bible: Day 17: "Five Areas of Spiritual Growth" ( Psalm 10:1-11, Matthew 12:46-13:17 Gen 34-35)

INTRODUCTION: The Bible/ Day 17: “Five Areas of Spiritual Growth”

Today's Readings- Psalm 10:1-11, Matthew 12:46-13:17, & Genesis 34-35

How do we grow spiritually and closer to God? As we explore our readings today, remember the need to possess humility, pursue intimacy with God and other Christians, and grow more robust relationships. We will also explore the importance of putting down good roots and the need to protect our hearts, something we discussed yesterday, and finally, purifying ourselves before God. Our faith starts as a discipline and turns into obedience; from there, we are called to a life of self-denial. We are called not to fear our struggles but embrace them and praise God we have them, and at the end, we will see how these five points can make a difference in our faith and our journey with God.

Five Areas of Spiritual Growth:

1. Humility

2. Pursue Intimacy with God and other Christians, developing relationships with God and other believers.

3. Establish strong roots

4. protect and guard your hearts from the ways of the wicked

5. Purify ourselves always to God

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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