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The Bible Day 10: (Psalm 7:10-17; Matthew 8:23-9:13; & Genesis 21-23) "The Storms of Life!!!"


We all have storms that arise and take hold of us, and sometimes those storms of life can often or not feel like a hurricane. Still, regardless of how bad the storm hits, how we respond, either in the middle of the storm or right after it, sometimes determines our next course of action, whether positive or negative. Today's readings will explore different New and Old Testament individuals battling raging storms. We will also explore some of their chosen actions amid the storms and how their responses affected their next course of action, whether good or bad. The different storms that arise can consist of physical pain, spiritual warfare, the death of a family member or close loved one, or even the persecution of family members or friends. Either way, these storms consist of many variables and moving parts.

Summary of the Study:

Jared led a Bible study program focusing on various topics. The discussions covered themes such as "life storms," King David's struggles, Jesus's calming of a storm and healing of a paralytic, Isaac's birth and early life, the covenant with Abimelech, Abraham's test of faith, and the death of Sarah. The final discussion emphasized the significance of the birth of Isaac and its impact on God's promise.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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