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Stay Focused and Stay the Course, No sinking! Readings/Thoughts Proverbs 4, 5, 6:


Good Friday morning it’s June 11, 2021, and I pray all is well: Look at that another weekend is already here. Thank God for the weekends it’s a time to relax and get some stuff done, like Garage cleaning. Or maybe some of you have a huge weekend planned with an exciting adventure or time with family; either way do it all with love! It being Friday I will covering readings and Reflections for Proverbs 4, Proverbs 5, and Proverbs 6: Sections Cherish Wisdom, Avoid Adultery, and Avoid Disaster:

Proverbs 4:1-27 (Cherish Wisdom)

One hot day four years ago I was outside scorching under that relentless Texas sun. The heat was unbearable but Moose and I were determined to finish our training. Moose was my service dog and God bless him may his soul rest in peace. Moose was a super dog. He was smart, brilliant but his overall quality was his obedience. Moose was extremely obedient to my every command, and he loved us unconditionally. As I pondered the first eight verses it was clear it was talking about obedience, but being obedient in God’s word. It talks about those who are faithful and obedient in God’s word are blessed with absolute wisdom. Through God with obedience and strength all things are possible. Our obedience through him will lead us to a life of wisdom and peace loving everyone for who they are. It’s clear my message is that I need to be as Obedient to God’s word, just like Moose was obedient to my commands. Looking back Moose was my guardian angel sent to rescue me, and now I’m seeking obedience and faith in Christ. It seems my closure is this Moose and I needed each other all those years ago, and now I need CHRIST, and it seems just at the right time.

Stay on the path of wisdom, never derail yourself from the right path. Moose taught me what obedience really means, and what it means is selfish service. I was Moose’s master, but it was more to it that we had a connection. Our connection was built on trust, honesty and faith along with Moose’s faithfulness in obedience. Our mission was successful. My calling is to apply the same obedience to Christ like Moose gave to me and mission in Christ can only be positive not negative. Moose demonstrated selfless service and an act of denying himself to save a lost and broken guy like me. My legacy is this demonstrating the same type of selfless service that Moose gave to me, and in return denying myself to be faithful and obedient in Christ. What a way to honor an old friend, and in the process gain eternal life in Christ!

Stay focused on the path of success. Moose stayed focused and so did I. If you chose to follow Christ, stay patient, be obedient and stay faithful to his words and teachings. What happens when we lose focus our mission can derail causing HAVOC! If we derail and lose focus on our wisdom we risk once again treading water on our sinking ship. We can either be obedient to Christ, or we can tread water in sin; preparing to sink! - Jared W. Campbell

“Moose was the ultimate servant to me, and the ultimate brother to the end. To honor Moose I’m making myself the ultimate servant in CHRIST, and the ultimate follower even to the end!”

Proverbs 5:1-23 (Avoid Adultery)

The book wisdom here is telling us about perception of good thinking. The idea of right and wrong. Look I’m not here for a philosophy debate with anyone and I am now obedient in God’s word and how it is written. The bible makes it pretty clear what sin is and how it leads to spiritual death. The Gospel also states if we repent for our sins we cleanse from the old and begin the new. Our lives are a daily sinking ship in sin and we are all imperfect and that’s why the world needs a savior like Christ. Without Christ none of us would have a chance to enter heaven because sin is our curse. We learn more about this curse as our year goes on but right now, I can’t deviate from the message. It seems we all need to use perception of good thinking in all we do. It seems dangerous to flirt on the edge of disaster for a short time of fun which could lead to personal torment. Even though the bible teaches the power of choice through free will this doesn’t mean we aren’t accountable. The bible does a great job showing us the differences between free will and accountability. Free will through complete rebellion to God leads to not only earthy torment, but eternal torment without ease sounds terrible. Accountability through repentance not only brings earthly blessings and forgiveness, but your spiritual award is eternal life. No matter what we all have a choice! We can choose eternal life or eternal torment; either way you have free will!- Jared W. Campbell

Proverbs 6:1-35 (Avoid Disaster)

I wish I knew what I know now and I would have avoided a huge disaster sixteen years ago! Times have changed and so have I! I chose my first wife and God chose my second wife, Love you with all my heart Heather! I missed the signs sixteen years ago, I was warned but ignored the chatter. Remember how pride leads to foolishness. Well, I was a fool when I married this toxic woman named Monica. Now I’m not here to bash Monica, but shed light on a reflection that has been a long time in the making. Yes, this was a toxic relationship that led to a divorce we were imperfect people. Two imperfect people tossed into an imperfect situation we were both guilty of creating. I think that is fair enough now time for closure, and face my fears of finally reflecting on this. Here is my closure. Monica helped me to develop a better sense of my surroundings. I’m really good at spotting toxicity because of her and I’m able to see through a person’s deceit. This sounds great but it also led me to have relationship problems after Monica. Even though her toxicity led to a new found strength; she destroyed my trust with women. Moving forward Heather is my rock, and I thank God everyday for her. It’s because of Heather I’m an Orthodox Christian, but now I’m glad she can share this journey with me. Now with Jesus in my life I feel I can avoid disaster even better and with more confidence than ever before. What a way to end a Friday! “Being focused is being disciplined, and being sidetracked is being lazy!” - Jared W. Campbell

Final Points: Remember to cherish our wisdoms and understandings in Christ. Also cherish wisdom from elders in your life that too can be applied. Stay the course and never lose focus on our mission and goals. If we stay focused we can most certainly avoid disasters because staying focused is not only obedient but it’s discipline; an act of selfless service!

Stay Focused

Proverbs 4:26-27- Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.

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