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Sacred Legacies: Holy Ascension, Saint Study & Scriptures

Jared led a discussion on Jesus' resurrection and Ascension, emphasizing the role of the Holy Spirit in the early church and the importance of active faith. He also presented the stories of two martyrs as examples of steadfast faith. He delivered a sermon on the spiritual significance of Jesus' resurrection, stressing the need for faith and patience. The service concluded with a prayer for forgiveness and blessings, hinting at discussing global news in a future video.

Jesus' Resurrection, Ascension, and Martyrs

With a personal connection to the topic, Jared led a discussion on the resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, referencing the book of Acts. He shared how Jesus, after his resurrection, appeared to his disciples for 40 days and commanded them to wait in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit. This event, marking Jesus' Ascension into heaven, was a profound moment for the disciples, with two angels reassuring them of his return. Jared also shared the stories of two martyrs, Akylina, the Martyr of Syria, and Triphyllos, the Bishop of Nicosia, as examples of steadfast faith and devotion to the Christian cause. The first reading was from Acts chapter 1, covering the period until Jesus' Ascension.

Holy Spirit, Early Church, and Ascension

Jared vividly described the accounts of the Gospel of Luke and Acts, focusing on the role of the Holy Spirit and the promise of the Father. He painted a picture of the Holy Spirit's arrival after Christ's resurrection, marking the birth of the early church. Jared emphasized that the disciples' fixation on an earthly kingdom was misguided, as the Holy Spirit's arrival was to restore Israel and the entire world to the kingdom. He also highlighted the grandeur of the Ascension, representing Christ's divine authority and glory, and stressed the importance of active faith in the world until Christ's return.

Jared's Sermon on Resurrection and Ascension

Jared delivered a sermon on Jesus Christ's resurrection, focusing on its spiritual significance. He emphasized the importance of faith and patience, using the examples of two saints who devoted their lives to Christ. Jared also highlighted the importance of the Ascension, where Christ revealed his glorified human nature and reigned with the Father and Holy Spirit. He closed the service with a prayer, asking for forgiveness and blessings, and hinted at discussing global news in his next video.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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