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Priest House Arrest Ukraine- 50 Dead Mercenaries/ American Soldiers- “Our Stronghold” (Nahum 1:7)

Good evening. Great is His faithfulness.

First link: - Orthodox Priest defies house arrest order in Ukraine and receives an ankle monitor...

Second link: Unthinkable massacre: Russian with stolen American soldier's helmet! – Over 50 dead mercenaries – Ukrainian phalanxes unleashed- see the 2nd video in the provided link it show's Russian soldiers holding a stolen American Soldier's bloody combat helmet...

Unthinkable carnage took place in Kharkiv as well as in Vremevsky place in Zaporizhia.

In Kharkiv, over 50 Western mercenaries were killed after a surprise Russian Geran 2 kamikaze drone attack.

A second group of mercenaries also consisting of American soldiers was ambushed in Zaporizhia. In the second video, a Russian soldier is seen holding the helmet of an American soldier.

Close out message and prayer


Nahum 1:7:

The Lord is good,

A stronghold in the day of trouble;

And He knows those who trust in Him.

“STRONGHOLD” in Hebrew means “ROCK” and “PROTECTION”- Christ is the “ROCK” we all build our foundation on and He creates for us a strong fortress that cannot be breached by the trials and tribulations life brings to us all. For the Lord is good to us all, and He knows all those who wholly trust in Him. Once again when “OLD MAN TROUBLE” comes knocking, it’s through discipline, obedience, self- denial that gets us through the struggle, and it’s the struggle that brings us closer to Him.

In Christ love ❤️ Jared W Campbell

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