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Mysterious Death Ukraine Eastern Europe Pains: 60 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine Who Foots the Bill?

Introduction: "Eastern Europe Heats: $60 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine" Who Foots the Bill?"

This comprehensive report explores the rapidly evolving situation in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal has announced $60 billion in annual military commitments from international allies, marking a significant escalation in the conflict. Meanwhile, Russia has launched missile strikes on Ukrainian airfields, complicating plans for deploying F-16 fighter jets. We'll also examine the broader geopolitical implications, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s critique of U.S. foreign policy, concerns about President Biden's leadership, and escalating tensions involving NATO and Russia. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of these critical developments and their potential impact on the global stage.

 Mysterious Death in Ukraine- 1:30 in the video

"A Message from a Friend in Ukraine: Listen to a friend living in Ukraine audio message 2:17

Ukraine: We secured $60 billion in annual military support from allies

Who will pay the bill?



Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smykhal announced that Ukraine has secured military commitments totaling $60 billion annually over the next four years from 20 security agreements signed with its international partners. He made this statement during a government meeting.

Russia bombed the reception bases of Ukrainian F-16s and "locked down" the West. Ukraine with MLRS Polonez Division – RDK forces invade Belarus


The bases in Romania and Poland are one-way for the F-16s of Ukraine.

Video:Update: Russian missile strike in Lviv, possibly a NATO weapons storage site! 44 seconds long



The security situation in Eastern Europe is intensifying as Russia targets Ukrainian airfields capable of hosting incoming F-16 fighter jets. Russian missiles have methodically destroyed these airfields, complicating Ukraine's plans to deploy the F-16s. The destruction includes significant airfields such as Vasilkov, Kanatovo, Starokostiantyniv, and Dolgintsevo. Consequently, NATO has considered using airstrips in Poland and Romania for Ukrainian F-16 operations despite Russian warnings that such bases would become legitimate targets.

Simultaneously, Belarus is strengthening its border defenses amid reported incursions by the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and drone activities. The RDK, composed of Russian nationalists, has conducted surveys and limited invasions in Belarus and Russia. Belarusian forces, including a Division with MLRS Polonez, are on high alert, prepared to strike targets in Ukraine if necessary. The military tensions highlight escalating regional conflicts and the potential for broader NATO involvement.


Kennedy showed the most bitter map for the Ukrainians: "It's so crazy..."


"Thank you, Tony Blinken."



  • Show map


Independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized the West for not allowing Kyiv to negotiate a peace treaty early in the war, which he claims led to unnecessary loss of territory, lives, and financial resources for Ukraine. He stated that a better peace deal could have been made shortly after the war began, with Russia willing to revert to initial invasion lines in exchange for Ukraine not joining NATO. Kennedy blamed U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken for pressuring Ukrainian President Zelensky to reject the deal, resulting in more significant losses for Ukraine.


Concern among Democrats after Waterloo: They are looking for a way to withdraw Biden - Who will replace him


What names do you hear?




Following a poor performance by President Joe Biden in a recent debate, there is growing concern among Democrats about his viability as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Major international news agencies report that discussions have begun about potentially replacing Biden, though this is unprecedented in modern U.S. politics and would be challenging due to party rules. Prominent names mentioned as potential replacements include Vice President Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama, though time constraints make this unlikely. Another name frequently mentioned is California Governor Gavin Newsom. The situation is described as critical, with Democrats exploring all options to ensure a strong candidate against Donald Trump in the November election.


"Store food"! This upset a lot of people in the U.S.


"Readiness is duty."



There is growing concern in the United States about potential global crises stemming from political unrest in the Middle East and Ukraine. American media are urging citizens to prepare by storing food, viewing preparedness as a civic duty rather than a hobby. The advice emphasizes the importance of having a food supply to avoid panic and ensure safety during potential disruptions. It suggests that in times of crisis, it is impractical to start growing food, advocating instead for pre-storing essentials to sustain individuals until normalcy is restored. This perspective is gaining traction as many believe the current global situation could lead to significant instability.


The Russians captured Ukrainian New York and entered Toretsk: "White" flag from six battalions of the Ukrainian E.D. - Forced population evacuation.


The Russian advance continues at a steady pace.





Russian forces have captured the Ukrainian town of New York (Novgorod) and are advancing toward Toretsk. The Ukrainian Army is evacuating civilians from Toretsk as Russian troops approach its outskirts, gaining approximately 950 meters in depth and 760 meters in width. Force Group "Center" is pushing from Horlivka to Dzerzhinsk (Toretsk), breaching Ukrainian defenses in Troitskoye and Novoselovka. Battles are ongoing in Druzhba and Severny (Pivnichnoye/Kirovo). Six Ukrainian battalions reportedly refused to fight, contributing to Ukraine's rapid collapse. The U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War notes that Russian advances have been steady but incremental, prioritizing gradual progress over significant gains.


"Russian invasion in 3 (!) months in Estonia and Latvia," says the USA - Sending NATO forces to Ukraine before the U.S. elections.


They asked Germany to prepare its transport network. SEE MAP



The U.S. is preparing to deploy NATO forces to Ukraine, citing intelligence that Russia may invade Estonia and Latvia within three months. This prediction contrasts with earlier estimates of a Russian Baltic offensive within three years. The U.S. believes Putin aims to capture Kyiv and that the conflict in Ukraine is part of a broader struggle with the West. Russia's potential invasion strategy includes mobilizing Russian-speaking minorities in the Baltics to justify intervention. NATO has asked Germany to prepare its transport infrastructure for rapid troop movements eastward, requiring significant investment. Russia warns that direct Western military involvement in Ukraine could provoke a confrontation.


"No Fly Zone" and take down? Russia announced "rapid reaction measures" against NATO in the M. Sea - Serious incidents in the Baltic and Syria.


Severe incidents in Baltic-M. Sea and Syria with Gray Eagle Crash



Russia's Defense Ministry has warned regarding U.S. spy drones in the Black Sea, announcing "rapid reaction measures" to prevent incidents. This follows three severe incidents in the Baltic, Black, and Syria. Russian Foreign Minister A. Belusov has called for action against increased U.S. drone flights, which are supporting Ukrainian forces.


There is speculation that Russia may establish a no-fly zone over the Black Sea to deter foreign military aircraft and drones. Russian political figures and military correspondents have expressed strong support for such measures, especially after recent attacks in Crimea.


Three notable incidents illustrate escalating tensions: a Russian Su-35S fighter intercepted a U.S. Navy P-8A in the Baltic, a MiG-31 engaged a U.S. Global Hawk UAV over the Black Sea, and a Russian Su-35 narrowly avoided a collision with a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone in Syria. Additionally, a U.S. MQ-1 Gray Eagle UAV crashed in Syria, with reports suggesting it might have been shot down. These developments highlight the risk of direct conflict between NATO and Russia.


U.S. Begins Evacuation of Thousands of Citizens: Israeli Army to Invade Lebanon and Syria Simultaneously to Eliminate Hezbollah





Risk of engagement with Assad forces - U.S. sends 3,500 bombs.


Amid escalating tensions between Israel and Hezbollah, several countries, including the U.S., Germany, Canada, and others, are urging their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately. The U.S. plans to evacuate hundreds of its citizens via helicopters and aircraft to Cyprus and onward to the U.S. as Israel prepares for military action against Hezbollah.

The U.S. is supplying Israel with significant amounts of military aid, including thousands of bombs. Israeli forces have been conducting drills simulating combat in Lebanon and Syria, indicating preparations for a potential simultaneous invasion of both countries to eliminate Hezbollah and related militias.


Israel aims to create a security zone in Lebanon, pushing Hezbollah forces back. This strategy follows ongoing Israeli airstrikes and ground force concentrations in the Golan Heights and South Lebanon. Despite U.S. diplomatic calls for de-escalation, the situation remains volatile, with mixed messages from the U.S. administration contributing to the tension. The U.S. is prepared to support Israel, though there is concern about potential Iranian involvement in the conflict.

Out of control Houthis: Attacked ships in Red and North Mediterranean with drones and hypersonic missiles - Ambush on 17 IDF soldiers in the West Bank.


The USA says the Houthi missiles are "Made in Iran."



watch 58-second video


The Houthis have expanded their attacks, now targeting ships in the Eastern Mediterranean, claiming the use of an indigenously developed hypersonic missile. They hit an Israeli-owned container ship, the MSC Sarah V, and in collaboration with Iraqi militias, attacked the MSC Manzanillo. These attacks showcase the Houthis' ability to strike far from Yemen, raising concerns about regional security.


In the West Bank, 17 Israeli soldiers were ambushed and injured in Jenin, highlighting ongoing instability. The elite Duvdevan Unit, known for high-risk counter-terrorism operations, was involved in this incident.


The U.S. accuses Iran of supplying the Houthis with advanced missiles despite Iran's denials. The Houthis' increasing missile capabilities, believed to be influenced by Iranian technology, pose significant challenges to regional maritime and military security.


Germany: Bundestag approves 3SM Tyrfing, Brimstone, Stinger missile development and procurement programs


He wants anti-ship hypersonic missiles immediately.



The German Bundestag has approved several critical military procurement programs. These include the acquisition of Brimstone air-to-surface missiles, Stinger air defense systems, and developing 3SM Tyrfing hypersonic anti-ship missiles. The budget committee also endorsed the modernization of four Brandenburg-class frigates to enhance anti-submarine warfare capabilities, with operational readiness expected until 2035. The 3SM Tyrfing missile development will receive around 650 million euros until 2027, transitioning to the defense budget. Up to 3,266 Brimstone missiles will be delivered by 2033 for the Eurofighter Typhoon fleet, and 506 Stinger systems will be purchased to replace those sent to Ukraine.


Russia: "President Putin has more serious issues to deal with than the Trump-Biden debate."


"Don't set an alarm to watch the debate."



Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not watch the recent debate between U.S. presidential candidates, emphasizing that Putin has more critical matters to address. Peskov dismissed the significance of the U.S. debate in Russia's agenda. During the discussion, both Biden and Trump discussed Russia, with Trump claiming Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he respected the U.S. president. Biden retorted that allowing Putin to control Ukraine would lead to further aggression. Peskov also commented on the renewal of Ursula von der Leyen's term as European Commission President and the appointment of Estonian Prime Minister Kaia Kalas as High E.U. Representative, suggesting that these developments do not bode well for EU-Russia relations, citing their known anti-Russian stances.


Paranoia! Which country is seeking reparations from Russia for mercenaries killed in Ukraine?


They officially put it in Moscow.



Sri Lanka's foreign ministry announced that a delegation, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Taraka Balasuriya, visited Moscow to discuss compensation for the families of Sri Lankan mercenaries killed and injured in the Russia-Ukraine war. The talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko and Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin also addressed the early cancellation of contracts and payment of wages for those conscripted. While Sri Lanka's foreign ministry did not specify the number of injured, reports suggest around 2,000 Sri Lankans are fighting on both sides of the conflict. The Russian Foreign Ministry did not provide meeting details, only noting bilateral discussion. Sri Lanka previously shut down a local agency that had recruited civilians to fight for Ukraine.


Denmark "repatriates" six F-35 fighter jets from the U.S. - But why?


He immediately calls for greater availability of the F-35.



Denmark has repatriated six of its F-35 stealth fighter jets from the U.S. due to delays and issues with the F-35 Block 4 configuration and TR-3 software upgrades. These jets were originally in the U.S. for training purposes at Luke Air Force Base. Denmark has received 10 of the 27 F-35s it ordered, with four already operational at Skrydstrup Air Base and the remaining six being moved back to Denmark. The decision aims to ensure the country has a functional Fighter Wing while awaiting the delivery of the upgraded jets. This move also addresses gaps in availability caused by recent sales and grants of Denmark's F-16 fighters to Argentina and Ukraine.

Zelensky inspects Pokrovsk for the last time together with the highest military leadership! (video)


Along with the new commander of the Joint Forces



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the frontline city of Pokrovsk in the Donetsk region with top military leaders, including Commander-in-Chief Alexander Sirsky and newly appointed General Andrei Gnatov. Zelensky highlighted Gnatov's frontline experience and emphasized his mission to defeat the occupiers and save soldiers' lives. Zelensky criticized government officials for neglecting the region, promising serious discussions and solutions. He stressed the need for immediate action to support the heavily affected communities in Donetsk.


"Russophobic cockroaches of the Volga and Eurofrikia": See who Medvedev is "judging"


Dmitry Medvedev is messing with the new Euronato leadership.



In a recent post, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev criticized the new leaders of NATO and the European Commission. He specifically targeted Mark Rutte, the new NATO Secretary General; Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President; and Kaja Kallas, the new E.U. foreign policy chief. Medvedev described Rutte as a former moderate who has become a strong Russophobe and Atlanticist. His comments were delivered in a characteristically caustic style and aimed at a Western audience.

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