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Matthew 4 Study & Scripture breakdown/Read from Peace With the Psalms/Message

Welcome back to JPCE SPIRITUAL TALK today is Matthew 4 Study and Scripture breakdown!!! We are discussing Yeshuas' Triumph over Satan, repentance and the kingdom of God, The First Disciples and the Summary of Yeshuas' Ministry!!!

4:1: Being Tempted is to be tested in all areas of our faith, please see Commentary for full rundown!!!

4:2-10: Yeshua (Jesus) reverses Israel's falling to temptation in the wilderness, see (Deuteronomy 8:2-5) to understand the summary I'm making about verse 2-10, please all reference my commentary to get full summary!!!

4:3: Satan is Challenging the relationship Yeshua' has with His Father in heaven: "If You are the Son of God" which is calling into question the Father's declaration at Christ's Baptism see (Matthew 3:17): Satan is wanting Yehsua to act independently from His Father in heaven, see (John 5:30): Yeshua can do nothing Himself apart from His Father, see my commentary for full rundown!!!

4:4: Rejecting the first temptation, Yeshua is rejecting an earthly kingdom teaching us not to pursue earthly comfort which perishes, see (John 6:27): Adam disregarded the divine Word so he could pursue passions of the body see (Genesis 3), Christ is seen as the new Adam who conquers all temptation by the divine word, giving humans the power to do the same!!! See Commentary full rundown!!!

4:5: The Holy City is Jerusalem!!!

4:6: Christ divided Satan with the scriptures, Satan tries to use them to deceive Yeshua!!! see (2 Peter 1:19-21) see also my commentary!!!

4:7: Trials and temptations come on their own so never tempt the Lord our God, and to do is to Tempt the Lord, so don't do it!!! See commentary!!!

4;8-10: The Lord's kingdom is not an earthly one: Satan is also the ruler of this world see (John 12:31, 2 Corinthians 4:4, and 1 John 5:19) please see commentary to understand full summary!!!

4:15: The term Galilee of the Gentiles is indicating many non-Jews that lived in the region!!! see commentary for full rundown!!!

4:16: Darkness means ungodliness: Here is representing the Gentiles' unawareness of God and the Jews under the shadow of the old covenant, sitting in darkness is to be overcome by spiritual ignorance!!! Yeshua (Jesus) is the great light and His Gospel!!!

4:17: Christ's first words like that of John the Baptist is to repent see (Matthew 3:1-3): The Kingdom of God is present wherever Christ is!!!

4:18-22: The First Disciples see my commentary!!!

4:23-25: Note please see my commentary for full summary!!! The crowds do swarm Yeshua when He teaching and preaching about repentance only when he performs the miracles!!! People do not understand the Kingdom of God!!!

Read Peace With the Psalms!!!

My closing Message: see My commentary!!!





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