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Mark 4-5 Study and Breakdown/ Message About Protection!!!


THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER: See also (Matthew 13:1-9; Luke 8:4-9)

Mark 4:1-9

4:2: PARABLES: See article from Orthodox Study Bible about "Parables- refer to Matthew Chapter 13 Notes-

WHY PARABLES???- See also (Matthew 13:10-17; Luke 8:9-10)

Mark 4:10-12

4:10-12: See- John 12:40: “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts,

Lest they should see with their eyes,

Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,

So that I should heal them.”

John 12:40- Notes: According to early Saints like St. John Chrysostom, interprets Isaiah's prophecy that this doesn't mean God causes spiritual blindness in people who have otherwise have been faithful: This type of speech is common to Scripture revealing God as giving people up to their own devices (see Romans 1:24, 26): HE HAS BLINDED is meant that God has permitted their self-chosen blindness (see and compare Exodus 8:15, 32 with Exodus 10:20, 27): They did not become blind because the Lord spoke through Isaiah, but rather Isaiah spoke because he foresaw their blindness...

THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER EXPLAINED- See also (Matthew 13:18-23; Luke 8:11-15)

Mark 4:13-20

4:13-20: IN THIS PARABLE: Our Lord is revealing Himself as the promised Messiah, THE SOWER, who had been foretold by the Prophet Isaiah- In, (Isaiah 55:10-13): See Luke 8:5-15: Some teach that a person is permanently saved at the moment he or she professes faith- a view never held by the historic Church- The Teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) is clear that it is possible to BELIEVE FOR A WHILE and then FALL AWAY- (v. 13):

THE LAMP UNDER A BASKET- See also (Matthew 5:14-16)

Mark 4:21-25

4:24: THIS IS A CALL: To attentive listening and discriminating response: We must not only HEAR, but hear properly: MORE WILL BE GIVEN to all those who respond to Christ with open hearts; they will grow in understanding: "Do the good you know, and what you do not know will be revealed to you" (MkAsc)- see and read Matthew 7:2-


Mark 4:26-29

4:26-29: THIS PARABLE IS ONLY FOUND IN MARK: THE KINGDOM: refers to the whole span of God's dispensation or plan of and for salvation: THE MAN IS CHRIST, and the SEED is the gospel (see, vv. 13-20): HIS SLEEP is indicating Christ's death, from which He will RISE: THAT MAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW the seed grows shows Christ does not manipulate man's response to the gospel, but we are all free to receive it and let it grow on our hearts: THE HARVEST: is the Second Coming, when all will be judged on their reception of the gospel!!!

THE PARABLE OF THE MUSTARD SEED- See also (Matthew 13:31-32; Luke 13:18-19)

Mark 4:30-32

4:30-32: See and read Matthew 13:31-33- Notes: 13:31-33: THE MUSTARD SEED AND THE LEAVEN- Represent the disciples- Started out with 12 and eventually the Message and the Word soon became the entire earth!!!

JESUS' USE OF PARABLES- See also (Matthew 13:34-35)

Mark 4:33-34

4:33: TO UNBELIEVERS, THE PARABLES: remain hard to understand: To those with simple faith, these stories using common images reveal truth in ways they can grasp, AS THEY WERE ABLE!!!

A STORM OBEYS YESHUA (JESUS)- See also (Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8:22-25)

Mark 4:35-41

4:35-41: see Matthew 8:23-27 and Luke 8:22-25- Notes: 8:23-27: THE LORD'S MASTERY OVER CREATION: Showing us He truly is the Messiah and truly is divine, He commands the seas and the waves (v. 24) and can only be issued by (God the Creator)- (JOB 38:8-11; PSALM 65:5-6; PSALM 106:29- MY PSALMS ARE DIFFERENT SEE MY VIDEO


THE GADARENE DEMONIAC- See also (Matthew 8:28-34; Luke 8:26-39)

Mark 5:1-20

5:1-20: THE COUNTRY OF THE GADARENES: was in Galilee, an area at that time was full of Gentiles living among the Jews (see Matthew 4:15): Gentile influence on the Jews caused many of them to take on Gentile practices, such as raising SWINE (v. 11), which was forbidden by the Law (Dt. 14:8): See my notes on Matthew 8:28-34 and read Luke 8:33 to learn more!!!

JAIRUS'S DAUGHTER- See also (Matthew 9:18-19; Luke 8:40-42)

Mark 5:21-24

5:21-34: see Matthew 9:18-26- Notes: 9:18-26: AUTHORITY OVER LIFE AND DEATH: Is in the Hand of the Lord alone and no one else!!! (Dt 32:39; 1Kg 2:6): Being of One Essence with the Father, Yeshua (Jesus) has this authority (John 5:21): The Healing of this woman shows us Christ's true powers and abilities to cleanse and heal (see, Matthew 8:1-4): In the OT: See my video for full rundown!!!

THE WOMAN WITH A FLOW OF BLOOD- See also (Matthew 9:20-22; Luke 8:43-48)

Mark 5:25-34

5:25-29: A SPIRITUAL INTREPRETATION: By early saints of this encounter is that this woman symbolizes human nature in general. Humanity is in an constant suffering and subject to death, symbolized by the FLOW OF BLOOD: THE PHYSICIANS who could not cure her stand for the various religions of the world, as well as the OT Law, which were unable to grant life to all of humanity!!! It's only through Christ we are freed from suffering and the bondage of sin!!!

JAIRUS'S DAUGHTER RAISED- See also (Matthew 9:23-26; Luke 8:49-56)

Mark 5:35-43

5:41: On Christ raising the dead , see and read Luke 7:11-17- Notes-

-Tomorrow is Mark 6 & 7

-Tomorrow's message- will be about Provision

Message about Protection!!!

Ephesians 6:16- above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

-All who stand for good must always waged a constant battle with all the forces of evil- demons have power in this fallen world because it's Satan's world, but Christ is coming back in glory and until than we are given the tools through the word to stay protected!!! We find strength in prayer, fasting and in repentance these are our spiritual weaponry so we can take up arms against all serpents of evil and Christ defeats all of those who afflict our souls!!!





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