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Make Time for God, and Make time for family and friends!


Good Tuesday morning I pray all is well: Today’s readings come from and I will stick with this reading plan and reflections and we will eventually catch up. Let’s see how far we get in a year starting today, It seems the LORD has given me another route to deliver his messages.

How important is God in our lives? Well for me he has been amazing the last six months where he has transformed me into a man with more humility. I have noticed more peace and comfort in my life in the last six months, and it seems I can handle more adversity than before. Right now many of you are suffering and pain comes in all shapes and sizes and it can be difficult at times to fight the struggles. I’m not here to push CHRIST on anyone you chose to follow my page and it’s not the other way around. The Bible encourages us to share the GOSPEL and that is what I have been called to do, and now I’m learning not to ask questions when he puts something on my heart.

We all have a purpose in life and we are called according to his purpose and not that of our own. The Last six months our CREATOR has shown me exactly what my purpose is and he uses the strengths I have. He is also strengthening the weakness I have and has helped me overcome my FEARS of failure. It’s clear I have been called for the times we find ourselves in and it’s becoming even more evident that my calling is to find the lost SHEEP.

Right now I have this feeling that someone who is following me is confused about their purpose with God. I know we have talked a few times about what’s going on so I went into prayer and a few verses stuck out to me. , So after prayer and reflection on your situation it seems you have some reflection on your end to do. With deepest sympathies please review the decision you are fixing to make and maybe you have already made it? I pray everything is okay this very moment and I know you have been distant. Brother hear me out I’m here for you and so is Heather, we love you and will always support you; real brothers stand in each other’s corner.

In closing we are always our brothers and sisters keeper’s and it’s our jobs to reach out. If we don’t make time for friends then we wouldn’t have any and this seems like a true statement. If we don’t make time for God then we don’t have a right to blame him when things go bad, if we chose not to make time for him. Today’s message will end with this: make time for God and make time for our family and friends; before it’s too late.

Verse of the Day:

Psalm 33:20:Our soul waits for the Lord;

He is our help and our shield.

Israel Update Things not so Good:

God Bless,

Jared W. Campbell

US Army Retired

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