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Luke 8 Study & Breakdown/ Message About Staying Calm During The Storm!!! A Storm is Brewing!!!



Luke 8:1-3

8:1-3: THESE WOMEN: were faithful to Christ to the end (Luke 23;49;55) they were also the first to receive and to also proclaim the news of His Resurrection (Luke 24:1-10): In the Scriptures, the number SEVEN often symbolizes totality and completeness, indicating that MARY CALLED MAGDALENE had been thoroughly given over to darkness before her healing!!!

PARABLE OF THE SOWER- See also (Matthew 13:1-23; Mark 4:1-20)

Luke 8:4-15

8:4: PARABLE: see my Notes in my Matthew 13 Study talking about "PARABLES"

8:5-15: AS THE SOWER IN THIS PARABLE: Christ is fulfilling the prophecy in (Isaiah 55:10-13): Many teach that a person is permanently saved at the moment he or she professes faith- a view never held by the historic Church-the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) are clear that it is indeed possible to BELIEVE FOR AWHILE AND THEN FALL AWAY (v. 13):

8:10: MYSTERIES: are not a bunch of intellectual concepts, but the Kingdom of God and it's presence cannot be defined: Could it be that a person's unwillingness to understand Christ and His parables be from their total rejection of His Kingdom???

TAKE CARE HOW YOU HEAR- See also (Mark 4:21-25)

Luke 8:16-18

JESUS' TRUE KINSMEN- See also (Matthew 12:46-50; Mark 3:31-35)

Luke 8:19-21

8:19-21: SEE MY NOTES AT MATTHEW 12:46-50: It was not Christ's will to deny HIS MOTHER AND BROTHERS: Instead Yeshua is correcting both them and His hearers "to the right idea concerning Himself", that the family of His Kingdom "is not by nature but by virtue" (JohnChr- St. John Chrysostom ; see also Luke 11:27-28):

JESUS CALMS A STORM- See also (Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41)

Luke 8:22-25

8:22-25: CHRIST DELIBERATELY PERMITS THE WINDSTORM: to arise while He is sleeping in order to help correct and perfect the faith of His disciples and rebuke their weaknesses, so that they would all be unshaken by life's temptations: Their faith here is mixed with unbelief: They showed and demonstrated faith when THEY CAME TO HIM, but unbelief when they said, "WE ARE PERISHING"

THE GADARENE DEMONIAC- See also (Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20)

Luke 8:26-39

8:26-39: SEE MY NOTES- MATTHEW 8:28-34: 8:28-34: THE DEMONS RECONGNIZING THAT YESHUA (JESUS) IS THE SON OF GOD: Also surprised how their powers are being terminated before the time of the Final Judgement (The appointed time): The demons have lots of malice strength but are unable to do much against the Will of our Lord, so they ask to enter the swine at the command of Christ Himself- the destruction of the herd is showing us the men had been protected by the Lord's care!!! if they weren't protected they would have perished under the demonic influence!!! see video for more commentary of these final verses!!!

8:33: THE SWINE: Some teach that the presence of the swine indicates the Gentile population: However our Lord forbade His disciples to go to Gentiles (Matthew 10:5): and was Himself reluctant to seek out the Gentiles (Matthew 15:24), the Jews most likely engaged in sinful occupation (see, also Matthew 4:15, and notes): THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENTIRE HERD REVEALS: (1): Animals are a venerable part of creation, man is of far greater value; (2): Christ removes a source of sin, for swine herding was an abomination to the Jews (Dt 14:8); (3): DEMONS: have no power over creation, but are also subject to the will of God- they could only enter the swine at the command and permission of Christ; (4): People are protected under God's providence-otherwise the demon-possessed man would and could have come to the same end as the swine; (5): The magnitude of the economic loss would remain as a sign for the hardhearted people who fled that region (v. 34):

JAIRUS' DAUGHTER RAISED, A WOMAN HEALED- See also (Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:21-43)

Luke 8:40-56

8:40-56: See my notes on Matthew 9:18-26: 9:18-26: AUTHORITY OVER LIFE AND DEATH: Is in the Hand of the Lord alone and no one else!!! (Dt 32:39; 1Kg 2:6): Being of One Essence with the Father, Yeshua (Jesus) has this authority (John 5:21): The Healing of this woman shows us Christ's true powers and abilities to cleanse and heal (see, Matthew 8:1-4): In the OT: See my video for full rundown!!!

8:43-44: FOR THE JEWS, CONTACT WITH BLOOD: caused defilement and led to isolation on both an religious and social scale!!! (Lv 25): THE WOMAN: displays bold faith by approaching both Christ and a rule of the synagogue (v. 41) in a crowd, defiling all of them and subjecting herself to ridicule!!!

8:45: "WHO TOUCHED ME???": does not simply mean a physical touch- "who touched me in faith???" Just as the temple sanctifies the gold (Matthew 23:17), so also matter is sanctified by Christ's Incarnation, and the power of Christ works through even His garment: Touching His Garment in faith is to touch Him: In Church, we touch Christ through icons, oil, water, bread, wine and others things- when this is done in faith, the power of Christ is received!!!

8:47: JESUS CALLS THE WOMAN: forward both to take away her fear and TREMBLING and to strengthen Jairus for the forthcoming of his daughter's death (v. 49):

8:54: See my Luke 7:11-17- Notes: 7:11-17: THIS IS ONE OF THE THREE RESURRECTIONS: that were performed by our Lord as recorded in the Gospels (see, also Luke 8:41-56; John 11:1-44): The promise of the prophet of Ezekiel is confirmed here, that God will one day open the graves and raise all the dead (Ezekiel 37:1-14): Many people have tried to exercise authority over the living; but only the Son of God "has the power over both the living and the dead": While Christ has the power through His word alone (John 11:43), here He also TOUCHED the coffin to show that His very body is life-giving: This is also prefiguring Christ's own Resurrection: Mary would weep for Jesus at the Cross, yet her tears would be turned to joy by the Resurrection, here a widow's ONLY SON is raised from the dead, putting an end to her weeping (AmbM)- St. Ambrose of Milan

-There is a storm brewing on the horizon and many remain asleep, but there is no time to quit but to continue the mission...The mission is to carry on teaching and preaching truth and righteousness because the Kingdom of God is truly at hand...We must learn from the lessons of the Bible and see the storm on the horizon and understand the winds will pick up...The waters and waves will at times be unbearable but we must hold the faith and learn to ride our storms and calm our winds and waves, but it can't be done without faith and patience staying calm and allowing God's Wisdom to see us through the storm!!!





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