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Luke 4 Study & Breakdown/ Be Understanding & Not Conceited!!!


THE TEMPTATION- See also (Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13)

Luke 4:1-13

4:1: THIS EXODUS OF JESUS INTO THE WILDERNESS: following His baptism has a double meaning (1): it fulfills the OT type, in which Israel journeyed in the wilderness for forty years after its "baptism" in the Red Sea; and (2): it prefigures our own journey through the fallen world after baptism as we struggle towards the Kingdom!!!

4:2-12: ON THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST: see my notes on Matthew 4:1-11

4:4: EACH TIME CHRIST REBUKES THE DEVIL: it is with the truth and power of the Scriptures!!! This is also teaching the faithful to become so immersed into the Scriptures so this gives us the power to resist and drive away every temptation as we struggle towards the Kingdom of God!!! (see, also Psalm 118:11)

4:10-11: SATAN VAINLY TRIES TO USE THE SCRIPTURES: (as do the Pharisees in John 7:52), But understanding neither their truth nor their power: knowing and quoting Scripture without true understanding is worthless at best and ultimately condemnable: Without true understanding through Holy Tradition of the Church, the Scriptures are robbed of their authority (see, also 2 Peter 1:19-21)

4:13: OPPORTUNE TIME: See- Luke 22:40-46; and Luke 23:35; Matthew 16:21-23

JESUS' GALILEAN MINISTRY BEGINS- See also (Matthew 4:12; Mark 1:14; John 4:1-4; 43-45)

Luke 4:14-15


Luke 4:16-30

4:18: BEING THE ETERNAL SON OF GOD: Christ did not become the world's ANOINTED SAVIOR, but has always been our Savior from before the foundation of the world: It was Christ who spoke through Isaiah who said "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me" (Isaiah 61:1)- He does not say the Spirit has come upon me": WHEN THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD descended on Jesus at His Baptism (see, Luke 3:22), This was a sign revealing an eternal, not temporal, truth to the people!!!

4:19: ACCEPTABLE YEAR: The time of the Incarnation, when the Kingdom of heaven has come to earth (see, 2 Corinthians 6:2)

4:22-30: THIS DOUBLE RESPONSE OF MARVELING, (v. 22) and rejection (v. 29) occurs frequently in those who encounter Christ (see, Luke 11:14-16; John 9:16): His being rejected in His own country fulfills the rejection of the OT prophets such as ELIJAH (v. 26) and ELISHA (v. 27), And foreshadows His rejection by the whole Jewish Nation at His trial before Pilate (John 19:14-15): Christ accepts death according to the Father's will, and not at the will of the Jews, Here, the hour of His Passion has not yet come (see, John 8:20):

POWER OVER A DEMON- See also (Mark 1:21-28)

Luke 4:31-37

4:31: CHRIST BEGINS PREACHING: and healing ON THE SABBATH to show that "the new creation began where the old creation ceased" (AmbM) - Ambrose of Milan

4:32: WITH AUTHORITY: unlike the Prophets of the old and the teachers of His day who taught in the third person ("The Lord says"), Christ taught in the first person ("I say to you"): see also (Matthew 5)

4:35: BE QUIET: See my Matthew 12:16-21- Notes: 12:16-21: Yeshua's refusal to fully disclose His identity as the Messiah is foreseen by the Prophet Isaiah, (Isaiah 42:1-4): Reason's for secrecy- (1): the growing hostility of the Jewish leaders; (2): The People's misunderstanding of the Messiah as an earthly, political leader; and (3): The Lord's desire to evoke genuine faith not based solely on marvelous signs: The servant (v. 18), is first referring to Christ, and to all who follow Him!!!

4:16-22: This passage is read on September 1, the beginning of the Ecclesiastical New Year

4:22-30: This passage is read on July 20, the Feast of the Prophet Elias

POWER OVER DISEASES- See also (Matthew 8:14-17; Mark 1:29-34)

Luke 4:38-41

4:38: See my Matthew 8:14-17- Notes:

4:39: REBUKED THE FEVER: "That which was rebuked was some living thing unable to withstand the influence of Him who rebuked it, for it is not reasonable to rebuke a thing without life and unconscious of the rebuke. Nor is it astonishing for there to exist certain powers that inflict harm on the human body" (CyrAl)- Cyril of Alexandria

PREACHING THROUGHOUT GALILEE- See also (Matthew 4:23; Mark 1:35-39)

Luke 4:42-44

4:43: PREACH THE KINGDOM: was the primary mission of Christ to do the Will of His Father to spread the news of salvation to all: Miracles and healings testify both to the truth of the message and the identity of the Teacher (see, Luke 5:24; also): This same pattern holds true in the Church- (Acts 4:29-30)

Message About Understanding!!!

Philippians 2:1-3:

Therefore if there is any [a]consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, 2 fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. 3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.

-Biggest take away here be understanding and do this without having conceit: This is a common but can be a fatal vice, it can hinder and eventually destroy spiritual growth- Conceit causes us to despise those who have a different way of life or even thinking...Many people fall in this category thinking they are we are better than they are: "The Spirit of despair exults at the sight of mounting vice, the spirit of vainglory at the sight of the growing treasures of virtue"- (JohnCli) St. John Climacus: To be conceited is a form idolatry, and captures those who say they want to please God, but secretly wish to please other people more!!!






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