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Israel- Hezbollah-Cyprus- Russian Advances in Ukraine & Africa, Ukraine Sheeling Belogrod Russia


In a recent televised address, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Cyprus against supporting Israel in any potential conflict. He stated that if Cyprus allows its bases and airports to be used by the Israeli military for attacks on Lebanon, Hezbollah will consider Cyprus an active participant in the war and target it accordingly. Nasrallah emphasized Hezbollah's preparedness, claiming they have over 100,000 fighters and a wide array of missiles ready to strike without restrictions across the Mediterranean.


Additionally, Hezbollah released a 9-minute video showing detailed reconnaissance footage of Haifa, including military and civilian sites. The video, allegedly filmed by an Iranian-made drone, featured strategic locations such as the Israeli arms company Rafael's military complex and Iron Dome missile defense installations. This escalation has prompted warnings from Israel and analysis from military experts confirming the authenticity and strategic nature of the footage, marking a significant upgrade in Hezbollah's tactical capabilities.


Israeli intelligence reveals Hezbollah's potential targets in Cyprus and Israel amid escalating tensions, indicating a possible all-out war. Hezbollah, with its arsenal of Zelzal-2 and Fateh-110 missiles, can hit strategic locations in Cyprus and most of Israel, including central air bases and infrastructure in Haifa and Tel Aviv.


Key potential targets in Cyprus include:


1.    Paphos Air Base: The largest airbase near Paphos International Airport.

2.    Nicosia Air Base: Headquarters of the Cyprus Air Force.

3.    Troodos Mountains Air Defense Control Unit: Central air defense systems.

4.    Akrotiri RAF Base: A key British military base near Limassol.


Russian military analyst Andrei Klintsevich suggests that Hezbollah, and possibly Russia, should prioritize British bases in Cyprus, particularly Akrotiri and Dekelia, due to the U.K.'s involvement in Ukraine. This perspective emphasizes the strategic importance of British military installations in the region.


The Israeli intelligence report also highlights Hezbollah's likely initial targets in an escalation: Haifa and Tel Aviv. Hezbollah may use drones and missiles to attack Haifa's port infrastructure and defense systems, including the Iron Dome and David's Sling complexes.

The situation underscores the volatile geopolitical dynamics and the potential for significant conflict involving multiple international actors.





A large ammunition depot belonging to the French Army in Chad's capital, Djamena, exploded, resulting in at least nine deaths and 46 injuries. The explosions caused widespread damage, including to nearby homes and an airport. Chadian President Mahamat Idriss Deby inspected the devastation, which left a significant crater and debris.

The incident, which happened from Tuesday night into Wednesday, has raised concerns about potential increases in the death toll due to the severity of some injuries. Russian sources have suggested that the depot, the largest in Chad, was targeted as part of a sabotage operation against NATO and pro-Western countries. They claim the explosions prevented the ammunition from being sent to Ukraine, mocking the situation.

This incident is part of a pattern of mysterious explosions at Ukrainian military facilities and their allies worldwide.



Russian brigades launched a surprise general offensive in central Donetsk, breaking through Ukrainian defenses and aiming to encircle Ukrainian forces in a pincer movement. The attack spans five fronts, targeting key locations such as Chasov Yar, Klishifka, and Okheretino.

Russian forces advancing from Horlivka to Dzerzhinsk (Toretsk) made significant progress, including capturing a pumping station and a railway section near Pivnichnoye. Russian troops have reportedly entered the settlement of New York (formerly Novgorodskoye) and other strategic areas.


The offensive surprised Ukrainian forces, likely facilitated by the redeployment of some Ukrainian units toward Kharkiv. Ukrainian analysts acknowledge the success of the Russian advances and ongoing active hostilities and artillery exchanges in the region.



Ukrainian forces reportedly attacked Russian military positions in Belgorod using ATACMS missiles fired from HIMARS systems days after receiving U.S. approval to use American weapons on Russian soil. A video shared on Russian Telegram accounts shows a Russian S-300/400 air defense system in flames following the attack. Russian officials confirmed the attacks, stating that the missiles targeted civilian areas but were successfully intercepted. Additionally, there were reports of destroyed ammunition depots and other heavy weaponry near the Ukraine border, though these claims remain unconfirmed by either side. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that President Biden authorized Ukraine to use U.S. weapons against Russian military targets near the border, excluding long-range weapons like ATACMS.



Russian forces recently stormed the U.S. 101st Air Force Base in Niamey, Niger, taking control without resistance. About 60 Russian soldiers, part of the newly formed "African Army Corps," demanded the Americans vacate the base following the Nigerien government's cancellation of the defense agreement with the U.S. This event has sparked outrage in the U.S., with Republicans criticizing the Biden administration for international humiliation.


The Pentagon confirmed the incursion, emphasizing that U.S. troops and equipment remained secure. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin downplayed the situation, stating the Russians were in a separate compound. Approximately 900 US troops are stationed in Niger.


The takeover marks a significant geopolitical shift, as Russian forces, including former Wagner PMC members, have begun deploying across the Sahel region, replacing French forces. They will train local troops and protect high-ranking officials in Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali, Niger, and the Central African Republic. This development highlights a significant setback for U.S. policy in Africa and could have widespread implications.


In Christ, love Jared W Campbell

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