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Hebrews 4 Study (Part One - v. 1, v. 6, v.8 & vv. 9-10)Psalm 104 (105), 105 (106), & 106 (107) ...

HEBREWS 4 STUDY – (v. 1, v. 6, v. 8, & vv. 9, 10)

The Promise of Rest

4 Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. 2 For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them, [a]not being mixed with faith in those who heard it. 3 For we who have believed do enter that rest, as He has said:

“So, I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest,’”

although the works were finished from the foundation of the world. 4 For He has spoken in a certain place of the seventh day in this way: “And God rested on the seventh day from all His works”; 5 and again in this place: “They shall not enter My rest.”

6 Since therefore it remains that some must enter it, and those to whom it was first preached did not enter because of disobedience, 7 again He designates a certain day, saying in David, “Today,” after such a long time, as it has been said:

“Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts.”

8 For if [b]Joshua had given them rest, then He would not afterward have spoken of another day. 9 There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. 10 For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.

NOTES HEBREWS 4 STUDY – (v. 1, v. 6, v. 8, and v. 9)

4:1: FEAR: Keep constant watch of this coming into our lives …

4:6: FAITH – (Hebrews 3:19) and obedience are inseparable … Lack of one lacks the other … Lack of either bars entrance to the rest …

4:8: Joshua and Caleb were only two men who left Egypt and entered Canaan – (Numbers 14:28-32; Deuteronomy 1:34-40) … They had not participated in the disobedience of Egypt … The possession of Canaan under Joshua, though, was not promised the REST … Otherwise, David would not have spoken centuries later of a rest remaining for us …

Numbers 14:28-32: 28 Say to them, ‘As I live,’ says the Lord, ‘just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will do to you: 29 The carcasses of you who have complained against Me shall fall in this wilderness, all of you who were numbered, according to your entire number, from twenty years old and above. 30 Except for Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun, you shall by no means enter the land which I [a]swore I would make you dwell in. 31 But your little ones, whom you said would be victims, I will bring in, and they shall [b]know the land which you have despised. 32 But as for you, your[c] carcasses shall fall in this wilderness.

Deuteronomy 1:34-40: 34 “And the Lord heard the sound of your words, and was angry, and took an oath, saying, 35 ‘Surely not one of these men of this evil generation shall see that good land of which I [a]swore to give to your fathers, 36 except Caleb the son of Jephunneh; he shall see it, and to him and his children I am giving the land on which he walked, because he [b]wholly followed the Lord.’ 37 The Lord was also angry with me for your sakes, saying, ‘Even you shall not go in there. 38 Joshua the son of Nun, who stands before you, he shall go in there. Encourage him, for he shall cause Israel to inherit it.

39 ‘Moreover your little ones and your children, who you say will be victims, who today have no knowledge of good and evil, they shall go in there; to them I will give it, and they shall possess it. 40 But as for you, turn and take your journey into the wilderness by the Way of the Red Sea.’

4:9: REST here is a reference to the third type of rest – (see also Hebrews 3:11, and my notes), the perfect, final rest of the Kingdom of Heaven …

Today we are covering Psalm 104 (105) and Psalm 105 (106) and Psalm 106 (107) -

they have parallels, I will just break it all down without reading them both because of time purposes and video length …

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