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Furious Russia: "The West is losing in Ukraine and the US is pushing NATO into the conflict"

"The US is set to push NATO into conflict with Russia"

The US is set to push NATO into conflict with Russia, given the decisions expected at the alliance's summit in Lithuania, while the West is "losing" the war in Ukraine, two Russian diplomats argued on Monday.

The Kremlin is furious with announcements expected to be made at the summit about Ukraine's potential membership in the alliance. He declares that he perceives this prospect as a threat to Russian national security and that there will be a strong reaction from Moscow.

The Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, spoke of the preparation of anti-Russian resolutions from Washington that will be promoted at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting.

He referred to "priming" American "public opinion" to "endorse any anti-Russian decisions made in Vilnius" in a post on the Telegram platform.

At the summit in the Lithuanian capital, the dominant issue will be Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Leaders of member states are expected to ratify the first plans drawn up since the end of the cold war to defend against any attack from Moscow. Moreover, according to diplomats, disagreements seem to be easing over the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO, for which Kiev is pressing for assurances.

"The situation continues to slide towards the most unfavorable outcome in the conflict between the Russian Federation and the members of the alliance," judged Mr. Antonov for his part. Konstantin Gavrilov, a Russian diplomat serving in Vienna, told the Russian state news agency RIA that the West is "losing" the war in Ukraine.

Both the US and NATO realize that time is not on their side. They are losing in Ukraine" , according to Mr. Gavrilov.

The counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces that began last month is moving much more slowly than Kiev and its allies had hoped. However, the Ukrainian military said yesterday that Russian troops were "trapped" in the almost completely destroyed city of Bakhmut (east), which was captured by the Russian side earlier this year after months of fighting.

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