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Breaking: World 3, 3-4 Months Away- Serbian President- "PREPARE"

Jared led a discussion on the potential outbreak of World War 3, focusing on the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO and the situation in Ukraine. He emphasized the risks of a nuclear conflict and urged for a peaceful resolution while also highlighting the significance of events in Armenia and Ukraine. Lastly, he shared updates on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and sought the team's opinions on the potential for a world war.

World War 3 Discussion and Serbian Interview

Jared led a discussion on the possibility of World War 3, referencing recent developments and potential future scenarios. He shared a brief clip from a more extended interview with the Serbian president, in which he discussed the country's readying of supplies in anticipation of a conflict within the next three to four months. Jared invited attendees to watch the full interview via a link in the description box for further context.

Concerns Over Escalating Ukraine Conflict

Jared expressed his concerns about the escalating situation in Ukraine and its potential to lead to a disastrous war. He noted that both sides seemed to be preparing for conflict, with the West underestimating the resilience of Russia and its allies. Jared highlighted the risks of a confrontation, which could result in significant loss of life and destabilize the entire region. He urged everyone to work towards peace and stability, emphasizing that Serbia should maintain neutrality in this conflict.

Russia-Nato Tensions and Armenia's CSTO Departure

Jared led a discussion on the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO. He highlighted how Russia was positioning nuclear weapons in various locations, including Ukraine and Cuba, and how NATO was responding by strengthening its nuclear deterrent. Jared also emphasized the potential consequences of this escalation, with some experts suggesting that Russia could cease to exist if it lost a nuclear war. Additionally, he pointed out that Armenia was withdrawing from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which could lead to further destabilization in the region.

Jared's Update on Armenia, Ukraine Tensions

Jared discussed the ongoing developments, specifically in Armenia and Ukraine, highlighting the increasing tensions and global impact. He emphasized the significance of the events, suggesting they could lead to a potential World War III. Jared urged viewers to pay attention to these developments and share the information with others to raise awareness. He also mentioned a problem with conscriptions in Ukraine, which he had previously discussed, and presented new footage illustrating the severity of the situation.

Ukraine Crisis and Potential World War

Jared discussed the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and sought the team's opinions on the potential for a world war. He also shared a video about a drone attack on Russia's mobile digital relay station. Jared expressed his intention to keep the team informed, emphasizing that he wanted to understand their thoughts and feelings about the situation. He thanked everyone for their attention and support.

In Christ, love Jared W Campbell

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