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Breaking: Putin Delivers Ultimatum to EU & NATO- The Saudis Drop the Petrodollar

Jared discussed the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO, emphasizing the potential consequences of the current situation and the need for democratic countries to respond. He also highlighted Saudi Arabia's decision to abandon the petrol dollar and its implications for global trade and the US economy. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of preparing for the imminent World War 3, encouraging unity and faithfulness.

Russia-NATO Tensions and Potential Consequences

Jared led a discussion on the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO, focusing on recent developments in Ukraine. He shared two articles and a video highlighting Russia's demands and the potential consequences of rejection. Jared emphasized the need for democratic countries to understand and respond to the situation, suggesting that current affairs could lead to World War 3 in the coming months.

Saudi Arabia's Shift From Petrol Dollar to Embrace Currency

Jared discussed the significant development of Saudi Arabia's abandonment of the petrol dollar in favor of the embraced currency. This decision, announced on June 9, 2024, reflects a broader de-dollarization trend as countries seek to reduce their dependence on the US dollar for international trade. This shift is part of Saudi Arabia's strategic move to diversify its economic partnerships and align more closely with emerging economic powers like China and the BRICS nations. Jared also explained that the petrol dollar system emerged in the early 1970s as a response to financial instability in the US, and under a strategic deal brokered by Henry Kissinger, Saudi Arabia agreed to conduct its oil sales exclusively in US dollars, ensuring global oil transactions were carried out in dollars and solidifying the US dollar's status as the world's primary reserve currency.

Petrolar System and Its Economic Impact

Jared discussed the petrolar system, a symbiotic economic arrangement between oil-rich nations and the US. He explained that this system facilitated a steady influx of capital into the US, helping petrodollar recycling. Jared highlighted the benefits of this arrangement, including increased demand for US currency, which allowed the US to print more dollars without the constraints of the gold standard, and the ability to purchase oil with its currency. Despite challenges to the system, Jared argued that it remains a cornerstone of US economic strategy and global financial dynamics.

Impact of Reduced Global Demand for US Dollar

Jared discussed the potential consequences of reduced global demand for the US dollar, which could increase volatility and instability in the US economy. He highlighted that the US might experience higher inflation rates, increased borrowing costs for consumers and businesses, and reduced investment. Jared also pointed out that the Brix countries and new members are actively working to decrease their reliance on the US dollar, contributing to its decline as the dominant global reserve currency. He emphasized that the US might raise its interest rates to attract more foreign investment and maintain demand for the dollar. Still, this strategy could also lead to domestic economic slowdown and financial instability.

Preparing for World War 3 and RevelationJared shared a video on the study of revelation, specifically chapter 7, and emphasized the importance of preparing for the imminent World War 3. He encouraged everyone to stay faithful and united during the upcoming challenging times. Jared also invited feedback on his work and his YouTube/Rumble channels. He concluded the session by expressing his love for his audience and hope they enjoyed the video.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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