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Acts 9: Saul's Conversion and Jerusalem Preaching: Peter and Gentile Judea: Bible Map Study:

Good evening, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Summary Acts 9 Study:

Jared's talk on Acts chapter 9 focused on Saul's conversion to Paul, emphasizing its significance and impact. He discussed the persecution of Christians from a Jewish perspective and the concept of becoming a new creation through following Christ. Jared also metaphorically used the term 'goads' to denote divine promptings, warning against the dangers of fighting against divine truth. He highlighted the symbolism of Saul's blindness and how it represents spiritual blindness, suggesting that Saul's loss of physical sight allowed him to truly see Christ and submit to the church through baptism.

Acts Chapter 9 Discussion: Paul's Conversion and Jerusalem Preaching Time 0:00

Jared presents a special talk on Acts chapter 9, focusing on the conversion of Salt, Paul, Peter, Gentile, and Judea. He begins by asking the Lord's Prayer, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and asks the Lord to shine into our hearts the pure Light of Your divine Knowledge and open up the eyes of our minds to the things Your Scripture Teaches. They then discuss Paul's first preaching in Jerusalem and the road to Damascus. Jared also shares a map showing cities and their locations.

Paul's Conversion and Baptism Time 2:20

Jared discussed Saul's conversion to Christianity as described in Acts 9. He highlighted how Saul, after his conversion, was led by Ananias, who baptized him. Jared pointed out that Saul, who later became Paul, was chosen to bear the name of Jesus before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel. He also mentioned that Saul had a vision of Ananias, who restored his sight and baptized him in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jewish Perspective on Christian Persecution Time 5:56

Jared discussed the persecution of Christians from a Jewish perspective. He highlighted that Jewish law did not have authority over Gentile Christians, and the persecution of Christians was akin to persecuting Christ himself. He further explained the concept of becoming a new creation by following Christ, which he emphasized was more than a temporary decision or outward religious practice.

Saul's Conversion and Spiritual Enlightenment Time 8:20

Jared discussed the biblical story of Saul's conversion to Christianity, focusing on the symbolism of Saul's blindness and how it represents spiritual blindness. He emphasized that Saul's loss of physical sight allowed him to truly see Christ and submit to the church through baptism. Lastly, he drew parallels between Saul's conversion and his own, suggesting that spiritual enlightenment can lead to a new perspective on life.

Conversion of Saul and Healing Miracles Time 13:25

Jared discussed Saul's conversion to Christianity, detailing his journey from persecuting Christians to becoming one. He outlined Saul's initial preaching in Damascus and the subsequent persecution by the Jewish community. Jared also mentioned Saul's move to Jerusalem, where the Church protected him from further harm. The meeting also covered Peter's visit to Lydda, where he healed a paralyzed man named Aeneas and resurrected a woman named Tabitha. Jared explained the term "saints" as referring to all Christian believers sanctified by the Holy Spirit. He concluded by drawing parallels between the healings performed by Jesus and Peter.

Bible Map Study: Acts 9 and 10 Discussion Time 22:05

Jared led a discussion about a map related to the Bible's Acts chapter 9. He explained the locations of various places, including Joppa, Lydda, Sharon, and Damascus, and how they relate. He indicated that further maps would be used in future studies. The conversation also touched on the significance of Acts 10, particularly the vision of Cornelius, a Roman centurion, and Peter's subsequent vision and preaching to the Gentiles. Jared concluded by announcing no devotionals or studies on the upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

Spiritual Blindness and Conversion: Importance of Accountability Time 24:47

Jared discussed the concept of spiritual blindness and conversion, emphasizing the importance of accountability and repentance in the Christian journey. He referenced Paul's conversion and his commitment to the true gospel. Towards the end, he led a prayer before concluding the meeting.

In Christ, Love Jared W. Campbell

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