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ACTS 15: Council of Jerusalem and Early Church Governance

Good evening, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

ACTS 15: Council of Jerusalem and Early Church Governance


Jared led a discussion on Acts Chapter 15, focusing on the Council of Jerusalem and the issue of circumcision within the early church. He explained the disputes that arose due to some Jewish Christians insisting on observing the Old Testament law as a requirement for salvation. The discussion also covered the conversion of Gentiles, the decision that Gentile converts should not be burdened with requirements like circumcision, and the progression of the council. The meeting concluded with Jared expressing gratitude towards everyone's participation and opening the floor for feedback.

Circumcision and Council of Jerusalem

Jared led a discussion on Acts Chapter 15, specifically focusing on the Council of Jerusalem. The main point of contention was the issue of circumcision and its role in the early church. Jared explained that some Jewish Christians insisted on observing the Old Testament law, including circumcision, as a requirement for salvation. This led to disputes and a need for a resolution to prevent the church from dividing completely. Jared also mentioned the Orthodox Church's tradition of conducting councils to address issues and make decisions.

Debate on Gentile Conversion in Bible Passage

Jared led a discussion on a passage from the Bible, focusing on the conversion of Gentiles and the debate within the church about whether they should be circumcised and obey the law of Moses. They chose Paul, Barnabas, Judas (also named Barsabas), and Silas to deliver this message to the Gentile brethren in Antioch, Syria, and Cilicia.

Council of Jerusalem and Early Church Governance

Jared discussed the importance of the Council of Jerusalem, which took place around A.D. 49 and was crucial for the governance of the early church. They highlighted the practice of resolving disputes and reaching consensus through councils and noted that the Orthodox Church is sometimes called the Church of Councils. Jared also outlined the progression of the council, from the assembly of apostles and elders in verse 6 to the testimony in verses 7-12, the decision in verses 13-21, the adoption in verse 22, and the jurisdiction of the decree in verse 29, also known as early Canon Law.

Gospel Distribution and Scripture Interpretation

Jared discussed a meeting where they discussed the Gospel distribution among Gentiles. They also highlighted the decision made in verses 13 to 21, where James, the overseer of the council at that time, agreed with Peter's interpretation of the Scriptures.

Acts 15 Discussion and Decision-Making Process

Jared led a discussion about Acts 15 from the Old Testament, focusing on the decision-making process among the apostles, elders, and the entire church. They emphasized that James was making a definitive decision, but it was not final until adopted by the whole church. The letter, written by Judas and Silas, was read and celebrated for its encouraging message.

Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark Disagreement

Jared led a discussion about a division within the early Christian community, focusing on the conflict between Paul and Barnabas regarding John Mark. The tension was so great that the two men parted ways, Barnabas accompanying John Mark to Cyprus while Paul and Silas continued their missionary work. Jared noted that despite the disagreement, John Mark later reconciled with Paul. The discussion concluded with Jared announcing the next study session on Acts Chapter 16, where Paul will meet Timothy and Luke will join the narrative.

Acts Chapter 15 Discussion and Feedback

Jared led a discussion on Acts, Chapter 15. They expressed gratitude towards everyone's participation and concluded the session with a prayer. They then opened the floor for feedback and asked for suggestions on the next book to cover once they finished Acts. Jared also shared his fatigue, hinting at his impending break from school and his openness to studying books from the Old and New Testament.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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