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700,000 Russians on War footing/NATO's Plan to Breakup Russia in FIVE PARTS, Congress Defense Bill

Jared led a discussion on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, focusing on the increasing involvement of drones in warfare and the potential for NATO and China to get involved. He also examined various news articles and their implications, including a perceived Western plan to invade Russia and a recent House-passed bill requiring young men to register for the draft. Lastly, he addressed the growing threat of a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan with Russian support and urged everyone to prepare for the future.

World War 3 and Russia-Ukraine Conflict Update

Jared discussed World War 3, focusing on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Jared highlighted Putin's revelation that 700,000 Russian soldiers are participating in the operations, causing concern and alarm for NATO and the US, particularly Ukraine. He also noted that Kyiv has requested NATO Member countries to prepare a force of 150,000 Ukrainian troops to repel a possible Russian summer offensive. The meeting also included the viewing of several videos related to the conflict.

Global Warfare and Drone Trends

Jared discussed the escalating tensions and changing dynamics of global warfare, with a specific focus on the increasing role of drones. He mentioned that Putin claimed Russia is recruiting more members for its armed forces and that the country is even training the Chinese in trench warfare for potential use in Taiwan. Jared also highlighted the enhanced drone warfare capabilities of both Russia and Ukraine, as well as the fact that Hezbollah is now using drones against Israel. He emphasized the importance of understanding these developments through videos rather than just articles to gain a comprehensive view of current events.

News Articles and Draft Registration Discussion

Jared discussed various news articles and their implications. He started with an older article about a perceived Western plan to invade Russia, which he initially found confusing but later understood in the context of NATO's fears about a powerful Russian army. Jared also mentioned a video by the Siberian president predicting World War 3. The discussion then shifted to a more recent House-passed bill requiring the automatic registration of young men for the draft, a move that sparked controversy. Finally, Jared shared a video from a Russian soldier's perspective on the ongoing conflict, emphasizing uniting against supposed globalist foes.

Potential Chinese Invasion and World War 3 Concerns

Jared discussed the growing threat of a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, with Russian support, noting that US intelligence agencies have warned Congress of this possibility for the first time. He also highlighted China's military training, focusing on the need for Taiwan to prepare for urban warfare and the psychological impact it could have on its population. Jared touched on the increasing use of drones in commercial training and hinted at an impending threat. He also expressed concern about the beginnings of World War 3, citing Russia's deployment of tactical nuclear warheads along the perimeter of Ukraine, and urged everyone to prepare for the future.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell


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