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14,000 ("Holy Innocents") "Slain by Herod in Bethlehem"

Good day, my brothers and sisters in Christ; I pray all is well in Christ, love Jared.

Summary: Jared led a spiritual discussion on the' Holy Innocents' theme with Bible readings. The discussion touched on various topics, including the importance of seeking God's truth, the significance of Christ's birth and sacrifice, the concept of sin and death, and the biblical story of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus' flight into Egypt. Jared also discussed a biblical prophecy, virtues needed for entrance into the kingdom of heaven, and the historical context of Herod the Great's death. The session concluded with a prayer and an announcement about future studies.

Spiritual Discussion on Holy Innocents: Time 0:00 Jared led a spiritual discussion focusing on the theme of the 'Holy Innocence,' also known as the 14,000 infants slaughtered by Herod in Bethlehem. The discussion was based on three readings from the Bible - Hebrews Chapter 2, verses 1 to 18; Matthew Chapter 2, verses 13 to 23; and Matthew Chapter 18, verses 1 to 4. Jared also stressed the importance of seeking God's truth through learning and scriptures and putting God's will into action.

Infanticide in Bethlehem and the First Martyrs for Christ: Time 3:15 Jared discussed the biblical narrative of the infanticide in Bethlehem ordered by King Herod, who was threatened by the prophecies of the birth of a Jewish king. They highlighted the story of the Magi who came from the East, guided by a star, to worship the infant king. Jared emphasized that the innocent infants killed by Herod's order were the first martyrs for Christ. They also touched upon the significance of Christ's birth under the star, viewed by ancient pagans as a sign of a deified king. Finally, Jared announced that they would move on to readings from the book of Hebrews, starting from chapter 2, verse 10.

Christ's Incarnation and Sacrifice as Ultimate Weapon: Time 7:46 Jared discussed the concept of Christ's incarnation and His sacrifice as the ultimate weapon against Satan's power, which was death itself. Jared also highlighted that Christ had to become flesh and experience death to destroy the devil's power and free humanity from the fear of death. Jared also emphasized the importance of spiritual maturity and faith in salvation.

Christ as High Priest Discussion: Time 12:36 Finally, Jared transitioned the discussion from Christ as a sacrifice to Christ as a High Priest.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus' Flight Into Egypt: Time 15:15 Jared discussed the biblical story of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus' flight into Egypt. They recounted how an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, instructing them to take the young child and their mother to Egypt as Herod sought to destroy the young child. After Herod's death, another angel instructed them to return to the land of Israel, but upon hearing that Archelaus was now ruling instead of his father, Herod, they were afraid. Jared also emphasized the significance of the gifts from the Magi, interpreting them as paying for the journey and symbolizing Christ's kingship, divinity, and mortality. They drew parallels between Herod's cruelty and Pharaoh's from Exodus.

Jeremiah, Herod, and Rachel's Mourning: Time 21:09 Jared discussed a biblical passage from Jeremiah 38 from the Orthodox Study Bible, focusing on the prophet's recording of people from Jerusalem being led away to exile. They highlighted the significance of Rachel's deep mourning for their children, interpreted as an expression of concern from saints in heaven for those on earth. Jared also touched on the historical context of Herod the Great's death in 4 BC and its potential impact on the timeline of Christ's birth. Additionally, they mentioned a detour they had to make due to Archelaus's cruelty.

Biblical Prophecy and Nazarene Interpretation: Time 24:55 Jared led a discussion about a biblical prophecy, focusing on the phrase "He shall be called a Nazarene" from Matthew 23:23. They suggested this could refer to the rod- branch from Isaiah 11:1 and the Nazarite from Judges 13:5. They also mentioned that Matthew might have been using the term to allude to the negative reputation of Nazareth, a small town looked down upon by larger cities. The discussion concluded with Jared closing out the conversation.

Faith, Love, and Book of Acts Study: Time 28:49 They also referred to John 6:9, highlighting the faith and love of a child. Jared announced plans to return to the Book of Acts and commence a study in the Book of Revelation in the New Year. They ended the session with a prayer, praising the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and encouraging everyone to develop a relationship with the Lord.

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