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Wisdom derives from discipline, and foolishness derives from pride! Proverbs 1:1-33 Reading!


Good Tuesday morning June 8, 2021, and I pray all is well: Today we start Proverbs, the book of wisdom is what I love to call it. My reading and reflection will come from depending on the version of bible you have the readings are titled- The Reasons for Proverbs and Listen to Wisdom: I don’t spend to much time in the book of wisdom but I feel there is something in here the LORD wants me to hear. He is the one who has put me on this reading plan, and I know everything he does is for a reason.

Proverbs 1:2-3- To Know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of UNDERSTANDING; to receive the instruction of wisdom, JUSTICE, and JUDGEMENT, and EQUITY.

Today in the world there seems to be two types of leadership styles. One is a dying breed while the other is being bred and there seems to be no one stopping it. Wisdom is derived from those who seek discipline and a sound mind of understanding. Foolishness derived from those who seek pride and self gratification over the concerns of others. When I was in the military I remember this one style of leadership that comes to mind. One day we were on a convoy, when someone who was in charge decided to pull our convoy over; so he could smoke a cigarette. So did this leader demonstrate wisdom and discipline based on understanding and the concerns of others? Or was his decision based on foolishness and pride and only fulfilling his own needs? Where was his understanding for the safety of his men that day? Instead he acted like a typical person, “IT'S ALL ABOUT ME AND I FEEL!”

How do we listen to wisdom? Sometimes wisdom is that feeling in your gut. Wisdom isn’t from years of studying and getting big degrees; instead wisdom is derived from experience as well as discipline. For years I wondered what that feeling was inside me, but at times I chose my foolishness and pride over what was right. Looking back to this day in Iraq it was clear this leader did not demonstrate understanding instead he decided to make a judgement call based on his own needs. When I spoke up I was quickly repelled by foolish ignorance and threats of punishment considering the rank differences. It seems our world is still the same and if I’m being honest the real Pandemic is ignorance shielded with pride.

Listening to wisdom has nothing to do with our education level, or the rank on our collars. Wisdom comes from doing the right thing, listening to that inner voice when something is right, and challenging when something feels wrong. See that’s wisdom and that comes from discipline not pride or foolishness, but from learning from experiences. See, our world is scary. We are literally purging wisdom and replacing it with foolish pride built around the negativity of the ignorant.

“Wisdom derives from discipline, and foolishness derives from pride!”- Jared W. Campbell

I said yesterday our world is a sinking ship and that is spot on moving forward. I gave an example of a sixteen year old failed leadership style. This same style is on steroids now it’s becoming the new normal, because now wisdom is being purged. Just not in the military but in all Institutions and daily interactions with our peers. Is it just me or is our world returning to segregation? Moving forward our ship continues to sink if we allow pride and ignorance to overcome wisdom and discipline. It seems the world is coming to a fork in the road, some of us are going to have to decide at some point. Do we travel down the path of experience to seek wisdom, discipline and understanding; or do we travel down the path most traveled foolishness and pride. I see only wisdom and understanding through God moving forward, and I see nothing but destruction heading the other way. But if we are seeking change it’s obvious seeking wisdom and understanding is the only way.

In closing we are definitely living on a sinking ship! We see a world where what is right is being purged, and what is wrong has been made right. Ask yourself this: how long can you resist a society that has lost wisdom? Where do you turn when all is lost, it seems I find my answer in God’s word. When I read and reflect on the truth I gain wisdom so I can in return battle my spiritual enemies with confidence and integrity! “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Father, I pray you open up the hearts and minds of everyone so they seek wisdom. Open our minds to seek the truth and understanding that gives us discipline. Give us discipline to ignore prideful behavior so we crush ignorance at the source in which it appears. Father, continue to give me the strength to spread your messages, and continue to lead me down the path of wisdom! Allow me to continue to listen to your words of wisdom, and less of my own ambitions. In Jesus name I pray Amen!”

God Bless,

Jared W. Campbell

US Army Retired

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Jun 08, 2021

Amen today!

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