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“Those who give in, forfeit their LIBERTY, and those who stand their ground, gain LIBERTY!


Good Friday morning, I pray all is well: The weekend is here and this means time to relax and reflect on our previous week. Today’s readings will cover today, Saturday and Sunday, but my reflections will not be long . Looking back on my week it’s clear it taught me a huge lesson. I learned from my past week that no good deed ever goes unpunished, and it’s clear those who seek the truth; become the OUTLAWS. People hide behind the truth; it seems they love to formulate their own conclusions based on a silly thought process. One thing is clear this past week taught me to never give up or ever give in to those who seek destruction of VALUES.

Readings: Friday: (David Prophesies of the coming Messiah) (The Works of the Lord Are Great) (The Blessings of Godliness): Readings for Saturday: (Who is Like The Lord?) (Praise God Who Delivered Israel out of Egypt) (God is Truly Glorious) Readings for Sunday: (Gracious is the Lord) (An Exhortation for All Nations to Praise the Lord) (God’s Love is Eternal)

Psalm 110 David has a prophecy of the coming Messiah and this is good news if you believe in Yeshua (Jesus). Now what stands out here is Psalm 110:5-7( and let’s look at and as a few examples of prophecy being fulfilled.

Psalm 111 David is talking about how great the LORD is in his works and promises. When it comes to Israel the LORD has truly kept his word the covenant he made with Abraham. Israel is truly blessed and also comes with it’s struggles but overall they have done well the last 73 years as a Nation. Imagine being a Nation like Israel where the entire world hates you, and those who say God has nothing to do with any of this; seems crazy to me.

Psalm 112 David is talking about the blessings of Godliness , and I love Psalm 112:1-4: ( verse 10 also stands out to me it seems it could be a reference to the times to come maybe?

The readings are optional if some of you want to keep up if not my reflections will start again on Monday. Looking back at this past week it seems I have some areas to work on and grow into a better example. This past week has taught me that doing the right thing regardless if it goes against the grain just means , I was never meant to drink the TAINTED WATER. Those of you that are keeping up with me know my struggles with the Eugene Vet Center. I called out a counselor who was being unethical but in the process the Director terminated my services by email. They also said I had to travel 70 miles away to Roseburg, OR Veterans Affairs to receive mental health services. At first I was upset but after hours of deliberation and sleeping on it, God has once again shown me the truth. It’s clear that place never had my best interest at heart but rather it was engaged in sabotaging everything I had accomplished. If I wasn’t as strong as I am now in my FAITH this would have set me way back but instead I Was able to rise above it; Thank you Yeshua (Jesus) for putting Psalm on my heart.

The other day I stood up to the Eugene Vet Center and I knew what I was fixing to do would stir the waters. I had an obligation not only to myself but to others in my own shoes and struggles; I would have to deal with this unethical behavior at some point in their healing journeys. See eventually we all have to say something and stand up for what’s right regardless if it’s against the GRAIN. Yeshua (Jesus) went against the GRAIN all the time to challenge not only political hypocrites but religious ones as well. The last six months God has shown me the world through his lenses, and I don’t like what I see. I see a world full of hate, bigotry, manipulation, and outright destruction of decent humanistic values. Instead I see a world that is dehumanizing people and individuals for all sorts of things, because of the labels society has now put on all of us. The Holocaust happen because of dehumanization and from where I sit history is slowly repeating itself, and I was silenced yet again for sticking up for what’s right. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF and the PURGE of good vs evil has already started, what side will you be on!


In closing I continue to pray all is well and thank you all who follow me. It's an honor. See when spreading Yeshua’s (Jesus) great love and word, it’s quality that matters not quantity, because none of us are worthy we have to make a choice to deny ourselves and follow him. The past two weeks taught me I was built to follow Yeshua (Jesus) because I never liked going with the GRAIN anyway. I tell my kids all the time just because the majority is going in one direction doesn’t make it the right course. You have to think for yourself and pay attention to the details of what’s happening around you. Never worry or panic but rather seek the solutions in a calm but proficient manner , and use reflections to build a solid foundation. If you are someone looking for a message on how to stand up for what’s right, then listen to me now. Step back, review and reflect, take your thoughts into prayer and see where the thoughts go; put the thoughts on paper first. Well it’s Friday this is a wrap, and I will pick up on Monday for those who want to follow the readings: Here is the reading for Monday’s reflection: : Take care God Bless and have a safe but joyful weekend:

“Those who give in, forfeit their LIBERTY, and those who stand their ground, gain LIBERTY!”- Jared W. Campbell

Verse of the Day: Psalm 118:8: It is better to trust the LORD than put confidence in man

God Bless,

Jared W. Campbell

US Army Retired

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