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The Second Book of Peter - INTRODUCTION ...

The Second Book of Peter Introduction

Author: While the Orthodox Church is clear on the Canonicity of 2 Peter, some modern scholars consider the letter to be pseudonymous – (Written under a false name), that is, written by someone else based on what Peter taught … However, internal evidence supports Peter’s authorship …

Date: Given Peter’s authorship, the date is likely – (AD 63-67, Possibly during Peter’s imprisonment in Rome …

Major Theme: TRUE KNOWELDGE VERSUS FASLE KNOWELDGE … The world disbelieves, deceives, and mocks. Christians must maintain apostolic doctrine and an orthodox Christian way of life … We are to grow continually in holiness and virtue and pursue an entrance into “the everlasting Kingdom” – (1Peter 1:11) which is to come

Background: Of the 27 New Testament Books, the canonicity of 2 Peter has been questioned the most … However, there is unmistakable evidence it was known and used in the early Church, and its canonicity was settled in the fourth century …

Peter apparently wrote his second epistle from Roman imprisonment … The people addressed know the author – (2Peter 1:16) and seem to be Gentiles, former pagans, in territory evangelized by Paul – (2Peter 2:18, vv. 20-22; 2Peter 3:15-16) …

The Church has been infiltrated by gnostic- sounding, antinomian – (against the law) teachers, who taught faith saves apart from repentance, work, or virtue … They deny that the Second Coming is a physical, historical event and that morality is irrelevant to salvation … The whole Church is threatened, especially the new converts; some have already fallen away …

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