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Salvation By Grace/ A Blind Man Healed/ Time Stamps, Message and Revelation 6 First Three Seals!!!

DECEMBER 14, 2021: SHALOM!!!

READ 1 TIMOTHY 1:8-17:

1:8: The Law is Good because the Lord gave it to us (Romans 7:16)...Has God's chosen it's our duty to confront and to control our own personal sins...Great news Yeshua (Jesus) came and fulfilled His mission that would eventually lead many into the Faith of Christ... "Salvation is a gift, and Redemption is a choice!!!"

-Paul who at one point was a former rebel toward Yeshua and persecutor of the Church (Acts 9:1-3), Gave Glory to the Lord for his calling as an apostle...This motivates me big time for me stories from people in the Bible like the notable sinners who became great prophets and saints (Moses, Rahab, David, Photini-the woman at the well, Matthew, Paul, St. Mary of Egypt)...

1:15: used in all Orthodox liturgical prayer and said by all approaching the chalice for Holy Communion

MARK 8:22-26:

People in Bethsaida were unbelieving (Matthew 11:21), So Yeshua took the blind man out of the town to heal him...Yeshua did this so people would not scoff at the man and the miracle which would bring on bigger condemnation...The blind was healed his stages (vv. 23-25) shows the man had a small amount of faith, for healing occurs according to one's faith (Mark 6:5-6) despite his little faith it was enough and with the touch of Christ it increased...Christ not returning to the town (v.26) is symbolizing how we should never return to our sins once we have been forgiven, meaning do not travel down the old path...When Yeshua said to the ones He healed sin no more He was saying you are now a child of light and have been flipped, we than are to live a life of repentance, even though born a new doesn't mean we don't fall short...We are just more aware of who we are now that we are in Christ!!!

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