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Revelation 4 & 5 Study and Scripture Work/ Read from Enoch/ I have a Message!!!



4:1: AFTER THIS: Is referring to the sequence of events that are relating to John's visions that cover through Chapter 1-4: So these visions are of the present his present time, past events as well as future evets that are still to come!!! To understand this all we must reference the following (Genesis 1:7-8)...talking about firmament of an an open door that vaulted through this...John's visions opened door into heavenly mysteries!!! the Celestial Throne!!! (Genesis 28:17; Ezekiel 1:1; Mark 1:10, Acts 7:56; see also 1 Enoch 14:14; TLev 5:1): These references show us the Mysteries of Heaven through the eyes of the Prophets!!! Come up: like the invitation to Moses' from the Lord our God to ascend Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19:24) The Lord's Sanctuary, His high place!!!

4:2-3: The Lord sits on His throne this is the Biblical setting!!! It shows His sovereign Lordship!!! (3 Kings 22:19; Psalm 46:9; Isaiah 6:1; Ezekiel 1:25-27; Daniel 7:9; Matthew 5:34; 23:22; see also 1 Enoch 14:18-19)... 40 times in the Book of Revelation the image of this throne is mentioned!!! "The Great White Throne!!! Revelation 20:11, a throne of Judgement!!! It's surrounded by a rainbow, it's a sig of the Lord's everlasting covenant that the Lord will never judge man again has He did at the Flood (Genesis 9:12-17)...The Lord requires mercy more than sacrifice!!! Mercy triumphs over judgement (Matthew 9:13) In the Orthodox Church, the altar table is sometimes called the throne!!!

4:4: The Twenty-four elders are interpreted to be elders of both the old and new covenants!!! This makes perfect sense to me when we get further into this Book!!! 12 sons of Jacob, and the 12 apostles, the fullness of both covenants!!! reference (Revelation 7:4, and Matthew 19:28): they all and continually fall down and worship the Lord our God without ceasing!!! (Revelation 5:14; 11:16; and 19:4) along with adoration and praise (Revelation 4:11; 5:9; 10; 11:17; 18; 19:4)...

4:6-7: The sea of glass (Ezekiel 1:22-26) This surrounds the Throne of God!!! He can only be approached by fallen men only through the waters of death that produce life, Our Spirit is alive se Daniel 7:10 as a sea of purity!!! Four Living Creatures definitely speaking of angelic beings!!! These angelic beings are mentioned in Ezekiel 1;18 and also in Isaiah 6:2: The number of the angels represent the entire world, the cosmos, and they portray creation, beasts, men, and the angels as the Kingdom of God!!!

4:8: The Six Wings (Isaiah 6:2, Ezekiel 1:6): The Full eyes around and within see Ezekiel 1:18 shows these creatures that they do not rest day or night: They are worshipping the Creator day and night praying without ceasing!!! (Psalm 102:20-22; 148 and 150; 1 Thessalonians 25:17)...Their Hymn, Holy, Holy, holy just like the Seraphim mentioned in (Isaiah 6:3)..

4:10: Reference 3 Kings 18:42: The elders are engaged in the heavenly worship by the physical acts of prostration along with casting of their crowns!!! The casting of the crowns shows the honor and glory of the saints derives from and belongs to the Great Holy One!!! Yeshua (Jesus), Christ our God!!!

4:11: This is a doxology (Glorification of God) is typical of many in the Apocalypse!!! It's offered to both the Father and to the Son, Christ describing glory and honor and the true power of the Lord our God!!!


5:1: The Scroll: contains the secret decrees of the Lord concerning the Judgements!!! Reference (Ezekiel 2:9-10; Psalm 138:16, see also 1 Enoch 81:1-2)...The Greatest of all mysteries see Daniel 10:21, events leading to a future time that hasn't yet to come!!!

5:2-5: Who can Know the the mysteries of the scroll and seals? Only for Christ, the Son of God!!! The Lion of Judah and Root of David are Messianic Titles with parallels in the OT and along with the Book of Revelation!!! see Genesis 49:9-10, and Isaiah 11:1-10: Yeshua is the One who conquered Satan, and conquered death by death by His own free will dying on that Cross, death couldn't even hold Yeshua he was indeed sinless!!! This is what made Yeshua the only worthy One able to open the scrolls and seals of Judgement!!!

5:6-7: Yeshua is called the Lamb of God!!! reference John 1:29: In Isaiah 53, The Prophet Isaiah is comparing The Messiah's voluntary self-sacrifice to the lamb being slaughter!!! The Lamb is standing between the throne, the four living creatures, and the elders!!!

5:8: The Four angelic beings, the four living creatures, glorified saints of all ages represent the twenty four elders!!! Yeshua's deity is recognized in Heaven and never ceases in the worship to the Great Holy One!!! Golden bowls full of Incense seem to be representing the prayers of the Saints still on earth, manifested in the incense (See Revelation 8:3-4; see also Psalm 140:2; Tobit 12:15)...

5:9-14: Three doxologies are being sung by ever-increasing Choruses!!! (1) The elders with the angels sing a new song (2) The Church is joined by the holy angels!!! (3) the entire cosmos will join in with praise and worship of the One The Great Holy One!!! Who was and is to Come, the Alpha the Omega!!!


video link: short 2 minute video: I do not support any views of the videos I share: I'm just a messenger this video keeps using the word manifest and how good and evil will manifest going forward!!! The message is this good and evil is both manifesting, people are joining the faith of Christ; while some are leaving the faith, hence a great falling away is occurring along with a great harvest!!! The Lord is separating the wheat from the tares and at some point the restrainer and all peace will be removed and evil will have it's day!!!




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