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Revelation 17 Study and Scripture Breakdown/Read From Peace With The Psalms/Discipline & Family!!!

Welcome back to JPCE SPIRITUAL TALK this is a Revelation 17 Study and Scripture breakdown. Today we are discussing the Great Harlot and Her Beast/The Meaning of the Harlot and Her Beast!!! As I stick to the Scriptures I'm seeing how false teaching has destroyed the Churches, like I previous stated Satan no longer fears what he secretly controls through false doctrines!!! Once again another Biblical setting summed rather quickly, Satan has had his hands in creating false doctrines because this is how he is going to deceive the entire world one day: Like Scripture tells he has been working on how he can create a false trinity of his own to make fun Christ and His Father who is without beginning along with His life giving Spirit, and also make fun of the Virgin Mary!!!

17:1: The Great Harlot is Rome stick to Scripture we are better off!!! The empire makes claims of divinity, sovereignty, and eternity (vv. 9, 18): Opposed to the Lord as well as the Church: This is what all evil rule looks like so take mental snapshot of these examples found in the Bible in wake up!!! So if we study Scripture and not leaning to what we want, harlotry frequently symbolizes apostasy and idolatry (Isaiah 1:21; 23:15; Jeremiah 13:25-27; Ezekiel 16; Hos 4:12; Nah 3:4): The many waters on which the harlot is seated is showing us of both waters of Babylon-the canals and tributaries of the Euphrates (Psalm 136:1; Jeremiah 28:12-13)- also the waters of Rome, the seas surrounding Italy: Also symbolizes the Nations who submit to the rule of the harlot (v. 15)!!!

17:2: Fornication: This will committed by the Kings of the earth and this also another Biblical Setting!!! They will do evil things with this harlot, also a metaphor for infidelity to the Lord our God (Jeremiah 3:1-5; Ezekiel 23; Hos 2): The wine of this fornication has made the inhabitants of the earth to become drunk, or seduced into these evil acts, as well as focused on the persecution and martyrdom of Christians (v. 6; see Jeremiah 28:7):

17:3: The Position this woman has with the beast shows the Roman system supported by the Antichrist-emperor, the names of blasphemy may be the divine titles assumed by the emperors!!!

17:4: Here the harlot is arrayed in abominable luxury: Purple: (extremely expensive but rare dye from the murex shellfish) scarlet, gold, precious stones, and pearls: See the pure linen in which the bride is arrayed in (Revelation 21:2): The Cup of the harlot will contain the spiritual pollutions and contaminations which will destroy all of humanity!!! (Jeremiah 28:7) in this passage Babylon is pictured and portrayed as a golden cup in the Land of the Lord which will make all the earth madly intoxicated!!!

17:5: The Roman law said all harlots must wear headbands showing their names: The great harlot will bear the mysterious name of BABYLON...MOTHER OF HARLOTS: THE LATE-FIRST CENTURY Christians, Babylon was incarnate Rome (1 Peter 5:13), it seems to be a spiritual reality, "MYSTERY" showing us all about the power of manifestations: Like previously stated: Babylon has always stood for the complete rebellion against the Lord our God (Genesis 11): The harlot is the mother of the abominations of the earth!!!

17:8-11: The beast that was, and is not, and yet is- is representing the Roman Empire or the hellish Antichrist, and who is destroyed only to resurrect, a false trinity of his own, to fool, deceive and imitate the One True Christ: Seven mountains or hills (v. 9) once again another well-known description of Rome herself: Many interpretations have been given trying to figure out these verses: A historical explanation is that the beast is "Nero", recall the one who was expected to return to life after he died; the five who have fallen (v. 10) are Augustus through Nero; Vespasian is the one who is; and the beast who is himself also the eighth (v. 11) is Domitian, seen by some as Nero revived: Reality is transcendent isn't it??? The eighth- the number eight tells us that it is complete abundance-the final Antichrist!!!

17:12: Ten Kings: Could be symbolic of all the nations that will be allied with the Antichrist, the final war against good vs evil, Christ and His Church (True Believers): By this point in time they have completely given themselves over to the beast, but the authority they receive is only of a short time or duration (symbolically one hour): They join in with the beast in his persecution fury, but no worries Christ and His faithful will triumph (19:11-21): the seal on the bread, from which is taken the mystical lamb (v. 14) reads: "Christ is Victor"

17:15-18: The peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues is showing the diversity of the Roman Empire (v. 18): Reaping what they sow, Rome will be conquered as she has conquered: the ten horns (vassal kings) and the beast (false prophet) will rise up against the harlot (v. 16) shows us the self destructiveness of evil (Ezekiel 23:11-35): The Antichrists' proves himself (comparing himself to the true Christ, v. 14): traitor of traitors, Rome will be stripped, devoured, and burned (see Lv 21:9; where death by fire the pit is prescribed for a harlot who is the daughter of a priest)...




Psalm 94:12-13

Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord, And Whom You teach from Your Law, so You may give him rest from evil days, Until a pit is dug for the sinner.

"Keeping building me up my Lord and My King make me discipline in Your Words, Works, and Laws!!! I want to establish a family of believers who truly understand what you have done for us all...My Lord I do want to be like those who will openly reject Your invitation to eternal life in paradise, unlike them my Lord I chose rest for my soul not enteral torment and cut off from You!!!






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