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Qualifications for Bishops/ Qualifications for Deacons/ Is Elijah Coming/Revelations 11, The Two???

DECEMBER 16, 2021: SHALOM!!!

NOTE: In the video I talk about the Antichrist, and I'm holding my

position after my own look into the Scriptures: I see The Antichrist rising from a system like a new and improved Roman Empire through the help of the UN, World Economic Forum and other Global leaders, bankers and others with huge amounts of cash flow: The world is purposely crashing it's Nations so they can in return established the Global takeover including a Global currency it's coming!!!

1 TIMOTHY 3:1-13

BISHOP: Means “OVERSEER” or an “ELDER”, reference (1 Timothy 4:14, and 5:17), Later in the Fist century bishop came to designate a presiding elder…

St. John Chrysostom: on blameless: “Every virtue is implied in this word…Th bishops life should be unspotted so that all should look up to him, and make his life the model of their own.” In the early Church bishops were allowed to be married…Nothing has changed married men can be ordained into the orthodox priesthood…

Qualifications for the first deacons can be found in (Acts 6:1-6), and wives: or perhaps “women”, referring to deaconesses…Acts 6:1-6:

The Hebrews here are Jewish Christians in Jerusalem who spoke Aramaic...The Hellenists were Greek-speaking Jewish Christians...

The term disciples here in Acts is generally referring to all believers, and not just the original Twelve apostles...

READ MARK 9:10-15:

-see Luke 9:31, and Matthew 17:13: Transfiguration Article from my Study bible read those notes: 5 steps to the Transfiguration:

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