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Psalm Bible study and Reflections continued: Negativity leads to Hate!


Good Wednesday Morning, I pray all is well: Today’s readings come from and it seems I’m excited. It has now dawned on me why God put Psalm on my heart. This book of the bible is like a journal for King David. King David struggled but stayed faithful to God and it’s clear he kept a journal of his entire walk with God. So far it’s clear King David wrote everything from his own struggles personally and spiritually, but also prophecies and accomplishments.

My last two weeks have been full of struggles and confusion. But I kept the faith and kept my thoughts in meditation along with reading and reflections. It seems the last few days I have been able to channel my inner thoughts and deflect the negative thoughts that have tried to enter my thought process. This starting point is just another path he had laid out for me so I can continue this journey, and he only strengthened my faith. He has comforted me through the tears of the last two weeks. He has turned my sadden emotions into a smile letting me know he has my SIX. It’s been three days and I already see how reading King David’s reflections is helping me to reflect moving forward in my own life. It's a pattern I’m willing to commit myself to and add yet another way to bring me closer to my CREATOR.

Psalm 105 is where David recalls God’s miracles for Israel

Psalm 106 David talks about Israel repents and also Praises God

King David is reflecting on a lot of stuff here; it seems he’s remembering both the positives and the negatives the Israelite's have endured throughout the years. He also seems to find PEACE when he is reflecting and now I see the connection. God has once again shown me the reason behind my reflections, and my eyes are fully open. It seems regardless of the negatives in our lives we have many positives to turn to, and sometimes we lose track of this.

The message here is clear: maybe it’s more beneficial for us when the negatives creep in. We overwhelm them with the positives that took place so the negatives don’t eat us up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the negatives. They can be more exciting like a short time HIGH. But is that HIGH even worth it when we are then overwhelmed with grief and insanity. King David demonstrates that a life with God is rewarding but also comes with it’s own sets of struggles, because FAITH isn’t FAITH unless it’s tested. I see another message forming but it might come later on. I see something that when it comes to God it doesn’t matter our outward appearance, but the purity of our HEARTS. I will tie this thought into tomorrow’s message, but for now, it seems I need to focus on this. Reflecting on all the issues that arise in my life but also understanding that God has also BLESSED me in many ways.

In closing please take care and have a blessed day and be patient and humble in your daily endeavors. When things seem not to go your way and negative thoughts creep in zap them with the positive thoughts. Don’t dwell on things that will lead you nowhere but down a path of exhaustion. Sometimes sitting back in reflection can be a better option than reacting to things none of us can control. What we can control is how we react when we allow the negative to impact us. If you want freedom from misery then be proactive about it, and stop feeding it want it wants; NEGATIVITY!

“Negativity leads to HATE, to stop negativity we must stop the HATE!” - Jared W. Campbell

Verse of the Day: Psalm 106:3- Blessed are THEY that keep JUDGMENT, and he that doeth RIGHTEOUSNESS at all times.

God Bless,

Jared W. Campbell

US Army Retired

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