My Reflection on America and Our Justice System(Verse of the Day Proverbs 3:13 KJV)


I pray all is well. For the next few days I will be in deep reflection it seems yesterday facts no longer matter. Truth doesn’t matter anymore the only thing that matters seems to be political propaganda. Established systems have failed and no longer preserve our constitution rather they see it as an obstacle standing in their way.

Political pundits on TV seem to serve a higher master, and they no longer care about the truth. This brings to my own crossroads it seems after getting closer to God, the truth is both political parties are a threat. The ideologies of both the left and the right is nothing but silly world views that never accomplish anything. I feel both sides love the misery and none of them have any reason to abandon their narratives.

Yesterday showed me that our justice system is not about justice anymore. Our justice system is now used to punish political opponents, punish cops, punish Americans for self defense. These are just a few examples but the list goes on, and I’m no fan of our justice system. Politicians like Maxine Waters can call for violence but didn’t she impeach Trump for the same thing not too long ago? Here are the facts Trump said on January 6, 2021 “go and let your voices be heard peacefully and patriotically.” Maxine Waters said “Protesters need to get more confrontational if a verdict isn't reached.” Maxine Waters needs to resign immediately; she is unable and unfit for her role as a Congresswoman. Maxine Waters is a prime example of a hypocrite, but it’s clear she gets a pass (Liberal Privilege).

How I see this, Derek Chauvin should be held accountable for his actions. His verdict on the other hand was political. This guy in my opinion was flogged for being white cop. He also was flogged to set an example moving forward it’s not hard to figure out the real facts, when you aren’t led astray. This man had no chance at a fair trial; he was doomed from the start. Even the prosecution was able to get former employees of Chauvin's to testify he was a bad apple. How much were those cops paid to turn on one of their own, what was that price tag? Now I’m not saying my last statement is real, it's just a personal thought of mine because nothing makes sense. My summary of Derek Chauvin is this: I think he was wrong, period, but his overall crime does not warrant dying in prison.

George Floyd’s death was just the beginning and there is much deeper plan in motion. His family has received more than 27 million dollars, and here comes my issues with all of this. I know soldiers who return home from places like Iraq and Afghanistan. They have been killed or even wounded to a point where assistance needs to be provided daily. I have never seen a widow of a fallen hero receive more than 27 million dollars. I haven’t seen a wounded soldier receive this amount of money, but instead we fight for benefits. Now Mr. Floyd’s past is just that and no one can judge him for that. What can’t be denied is how our choices can dictate our life, and sometimes those choices can have negative impacts. Yes, the medical examiner gave us his findings, but considering how Dr. Fauci turned out; I trust no doctor's opinion.

America is running towards a totalitarian style government, and I’m serious. George Floyd was only the beginning, his brother appealed to the UN(United Nations) to have our police disarmed. Police critics on both sides have no clue defunding the police will lead to bigger problems. Remember facts don’t matter to those with a bigger agenda, seeking truth and understanding is now criminal. If you actually took the time and viewed the world from where I sit you will see their end game. We are quickly approaching a point of no return, and I feel many will remain asleep. These so called pioneers of this BLM (WOKE) movement do a great job at manipulating the sheep. Defunding the Police is the wrong answer you can’t fix what needs fixing if you strip their funding. Actually cops need more funding so they can have their officers participate in training that is truly needed.

Democrats are proposing in congress that police be stripped from having lethal force on traffic stops. How is this the answer cops are more often killed in traffic stops or even doing off duty errands. I can’t speak for everyone but I have seen many videos of cops being ambushed, and it’s clear the violence isn’t coming for the cops. Society as a whole needs to start barring some responsibilities for their own actions. Cops aren’t the only problem the problem is the consistent downfall of core values; followed with lack of respect. I have an Idea all Politicians in favor of this should lose either secret service protection or give up private security details. Citizens in favor of this should also be required to give up protection as well, where is all the fairness hawks.

There are parents literally teaching their kids that all cops are bad, wow so glad these parents teach love and compassion. These types of parents are the ones always claiming to be victims and hold a world view it’s all about me. What’s even more disturbing is how these people including organizations like BLM make references to God or Yeshua (Jesus). I’m still waiting for these people to show me where in the bible that Yeshua(Jesus) advocated for the destruction of small businesses. I have seen parents like above take their children to these violent protests. What kind of parents use their children like this, it’s like they are reeducating their own children. The examples that are being set are not good ones, it's actually disturbing and that’s my opinion.

America is in distress folks and it will continue because we are going in the wrong direction. I pray America can reverse course here but I feel it’s too late too many people have turned against honest values. I sympathize for those who say everything will be okay, because the truth is it won’t be. God is in control so I no longer worry about these things like others do, and I’m okay with ignoring the lies. I no longer jump on political bandwagons from either the left or the right, talk about irony. Last night I nearly vomited from listening to both conservative and liberal pundits say how justice was served. I sympathize for those who lack courage to be a voice and speak the truth regardless of push back. I pray that one day God would give these individuals courage in place of their cowardice. I pray he would return the truth in place of their lies and manipulation. America will continue to travel down the road of no return, because people lack responsibility and accountability for themselves.

In closing, here is my message. It seems to me that many Americans are obsessed with misery. The definition of misery is literally doing the same thing over and over again getting the same results. When I chose to submit fully to God’s will the misery stopped, and that’s when the wisdom kicked in. America’s misery will continue because these people have no intentions of reversing course, along with our elected officials. “If we keep putting faith in political factions, and less faith in God”. It’s clear our misery will lead to our collapse.”- Jared W. Campbell

God Bless,

Jared W. Campbell

US Army Retired

Verse of the Day;

Proverbs 3:13: Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.(KJV)

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