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Matthew Chapter 5 Study & Breakdown/ See Notes first before video/ Shalom!!!

So today was rough I got tired after this video it was a longer one- Matthew 5 had 48 verses in it, I'm thinking maybe for the future I would break these longer studies up into two parts/ but I will wait for feedback before making that decision- please let me know how this video was...I love feedback because it helps to evolve my teachings and how I approach others with the Word of God moving forward!!!

-Many Moons ago I served in Iraq, and lived close to burn pits...To make a long story short I have chronic COPD from breathing in all those toxins and bad odors over the years!!! COPD makes me extremely tired at times, I have headaches mainly due to to low oxygen levels at times: Sometimes I get spells of dizziness along with constant chest pains and pressure: I need to be careful because I'm also prone to pneumonia as well as bronchitis: But the Lord gives the strength to get these studies done!!! Always remember Great is His Faithfulness to us All!!!

-I did not read Peace from the Psalms due to the time of the study/ my ending message was about Frugality- Read Luke 16:9-13: see video for full commentary and message!!!

-My Commentary is the videos

Copy and paste this link for the Chosen's versions of the Beatitudes. This is a fantastic representation of the Gospel of Matthew.


-5:1-2: In the OT, only a select few were chosen to hear the Lord directly- (Exodus 19:3-13) Here, God Incarnate speaks to multitudes face to face: the mountain is a place where divine action enters human history, the place where the Lord reveals Himself to man (Matthew 17:1; Exodus 3:1; 19:2; 3Kg 18:20) Seated and opened his mouth summary watch my video commentary for further explanation!!!

5:3: Blessed- See Video

5:4 Those who mourn: references: (Matthew 9:23) and (John 11:35), (Luke 19:41), (Luke 7:36-38) and also (2 Corinthians 7:10): Video Commentary for the rest:

5:5: Meekness: (Matthew 11:29) also read from (Rev 21:1)- see video

5:6: Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, read from (Matthew 6:33) as part of the summary!!!

5:7:Mercy: is love set in motion, expressed in action: see video for full summary...

5:8: Pure: means unmixed with anything else:

5:9: Being a source of peace and peace markers: I read from (Isaiah 9:6)- (Ephesians 2:14-16), also in the video I talked about the being sons of God!!!

5:10: The Children of God uphold truth, refuse to compromise with the ways of the world- referenced and read from the following (Matthew 6:24, 33; see 1 Corinthians 16:19-20) Like Yeshua those persecuted for righteousness sake , Christ's kingdom is the crown awaiting the righteous ( John 15:18-20):

5:11-12: See (Acts 5:40-41) Those who suffer persecution for Christ walk the road of the prophets and the saints, and the martyrs: The Greek for be exceedingly glad means to leap exceedingly with joy!!!

5:13-16: see video references (Lv 2:13, see also Numbers 18;19; 2 Chronicles 13:5): (Isaiah 60:1-3), The Lord is also true uncreated light: talking about divine law (Psalm 118:105; 1 John 1:5) see also (John 12:36, 1 Th 5:5), and (Philippians 2:15): see video...

5;16: Christian virtues have both personal and public function, for our own good virtues can bring others to glorify the Father!!!

5:17: Yeshua (Jesus) fulfills the Law in Himself, in His Words, and in His actions: see video for full summary I read and referenced (Matthew 3:15)- (John 8:46; 14:30): The prophets read- referenced from (Romans 3:31; 8:3-4; 10:4)

5:18: Assuredly (Gr. amen) means truly or confirmed or so be it!!! Ajot (Gr. iota) is the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet: a tittle is the smallest stroke in certain Hebrews letters: the whole Law is affirmed as the Foundation of Christ's new teaching!!! see video!!!

5:19:Righteousness according to the law is a unified whole: The observance of all the least commandments is to observe the whole Law, while the violation of the least commandment is considered a violation of the whole Law!!!

5:20: Read and referenced (Romans 1:17; and 3;36) see video

5:21-22: The repeated formula but I say to you: I read and referenced (Matthew 7:29) -(Psalm 4;5; Mark 3:5), and also (Matthew 10:28)- see video

5:23-24: (Mark 11:25)- (1 Co 16:20; 1 Peter 5;14)- see video

5:25-26: (Luke 12:57-59) and (Ephesians 4;26-27)- see video

5:27-28: See video

5:29: see Matthew 18:8 and see video commentary!!!

5:31-32: See, (Matthew 19:8-9) see video commentary!!!

5:34-37: Trust cannot be secured by swearing of an oath but live by simple integrity!!!

5:39-42: In contras to the OT: (Exodus 21:24; Lv 24:20; Dt 19:21) see video commentary for full rundown of this summary!!!

5:44-47: I read and referenced ( 1 John 4:7-21) Please see and listen to video commentary for full summary

5:48: Lastly see video commentary for full summary I read and referenced the following: talking about how as Christians how e can grow in perfection with our Father in heaven (Ephesians 4:13, 2 Peter 1) and see (Luke 6:36) for comparison, but please see video commentary for better understanding!!!





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