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Matthew 6 Study & Breakdown/ Peace With The Psalms/Message about Generosity!!!

Welcome back to JPCE SPIRITUAL TALK today we are reading Matthew 6 and doing a study and Scripture Breakdown!!! We will discuss How to Give Alms, How to Pray, How to Fast, Trusting The Lord Wholly, & Trusting the Lord for Basic Needs!!!

- I will Read and Teach directly from the Bible again-My commentary are my videos that are attached to this blog!!! All of teachings come directly from the Word of God itself because I want to make sure I teach only His ways and not the ways of mankind!!!


How to Give Alms (Matthew 6:1-4)

6:1: Here in this Chapter, Yeshua (Jesus) is presenting three basic aspects of spiritual living: (1): Charitable giving; (vv. 1-4), (2): prayer (vv. 5-15), and (3): fasting (vv. 16-18): These are "THREE DISCIPLINES" that relate directly or specifically to the Lord's righteousness, meaning these three things develop the relationship we need with Him our Lord and Savior!!!

6:2: "HYPOCRITE" =The Original Meaning was "ACTOR": Hypocrites are essentially play-actors who practice piety for a show or for a living: They also desire to please their earthly lives and deny the One True God, and they destroy those who don't fit their narrative!!!

6:3-4: The Lord doesn't bother or even is impressed with what others think about us, or even what we think about ourselves, the Lord reward good deeds especially the ones that are pure and straight from the heart!!!


Matthew 6:5-15:

6:5-8: Hypocrites miss the spirit of prayer, which is to intimate, a personal communion with the Lord our God that leads to the vision of His glory (1 Corinthians 2:9): Hypocrisy is blocking out communion and this vision: Vain repetitions: do not establish this communion, the Lord doesn't need our babble or ramblings of nothing: To partake of this communion, both silence and words are necessary: Therefore, we pray always (Luke 18:1) and without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17): Many words aren't condemned by Christ per se, but instead He is teaching the words must express the desire for true communion with the Lord our God!!! Yeshua gives us repeating words for a prayer (vv. 9-13): it's not repetition itself that is condemned but vain repetition is what's not recommended!!! We are called to worship the Lord in spirit and truth (John 4:23): The Lord already knows what's in our hearts and minds He knows our needs, wants, concerns, desires down to our groanings and complaints!!! True Prayer: (1) Humble (Humility): go into your room, v. 6 (2) Personal: pray to your Father, v. 6 and (3): Sincere: do not use vain repetitions, v. 7!!!

6:9: The power of God packed in Three (God The Father, God The Son, & The Holy Spirit): Christ , who is the Son of God, grants us the privilege of calling God Our Father by the grace of adoption (Galatians 4:4-7): As a "son of God", as Christians we are called to love, trust and serve the Lord just as Christ did Himself : The Lord isn't our Father simply because He created us, but He is only Father to those who are in a saving and personal relationship with Him, communion comes only in a form of adoption (John 1:13; Romans 8:14-16):

6:11: Daily is a misleading translation of the Greek epiousios, which means literally "above the essence" or "supersubstantial": See video commentary: I will read and reference (John 6:27-58):

6:12: The request to be forgiven is plural, directing us to pray always for the forgiveness of others: The term debts is referring to our spiritual debts ( see, Matthew 18:21-35, see v. 14): Listen to(VIDEO) commentary for better understanding!!!

6:13: THE LORD TEMPTS NO ONE TO SIN: (James 1:13); temptations are from the evil one, or Satan!!! Temptations are aimed at the soul's giving into the sinful passions of the flesh (Romans 7:5) we all encounter temptations and we can't live without experiencing them, but we pray that great temptations, tests beyond what we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13) should not come to us!!!

6:14-15: Yeshua is teaching us that mutual forgiveness between people as a precondition of the Lord's forgiveness!!! Those who do not forgive will not be forgiven- period!!! This is a repeated formula and teaching of the unforgiven servant (Matthew 18:21-35), which has the same teaching, so not forgiving others is willfully fleeing from the Forgiveness of the Lord ourselves!!!


Matthew 6:16-18

6:16-18: Keeping a sad countenance to show off one's fasting is just an external display!!! Yeshua (Jesus) Himself rejects this hypocrisy!!! Fasting is between us and the Lord our God and it's for spiritual growth: see VIDEO commentary for more summary!!!


Matthew 6:19-24:

6:19-21: Attaching ourselves to treasures on earth, we cut ourselves off from heavenly treasures!!! Which will result in making us slaves to earthly things rather than living free in Christ: The heart of discipleship requires us to detach ourselves from the chains of earthly things, and attaching ourselves to the Lord, which is our True Treasure (v. 21):

6:22-23: The Mind: (Greek. nous) is a spiritual eye of the soul; it illuminates the inner person and governs the will!!! Keep our minds pure and wholesome is fundamental to the Christian way of life!!!

6:24: Servants as slaves can't serve two masters, people tend to attach themselves to both earthly and heavenly things!!! But to the Lord and for us as well this impossible for us to do this, both demand full allegiance: Yeshua (Jesus) mammon ("riches") a master not because wealth is evil by nature, but due to the control it can have on certain people!!!


Matthew 6:25-34:

6:25-27: Yeshua (Jesus) is warning us against anxiety, and not against thoughtful planning: The Lord teaches us that our physical well-being is directly dependent on the Lord, but indirectly on food, drink, and clothing: bad anxieties over earthly things demonstrates a lack of faith in the Lord's care!!!

6:32: The Gentiles served pagan idols, they remained concerned and consumed by their dependence and obsession's over earthly things!!! By serving the Lord it frees us from this earthly slavery!!!

6:33: The Kingdom of God: Is the central theme and point to Yeshuas' teachings and His righteousness is and was the subject of the Sermon on the Mount: Calling us to set ourselves free from anxiety about all of our earthly things, instead Yeshua teaches us and directs us to seek Him, His, Father in heaven above all else!!! We must be secure and steadfast in our faith that the Lord will provide our earthly blessings!!! I'm also witnessing to the fact that Great His His Faithfulness to us all!!!



PSALM 41:1-3:

Blessed is he who understands the poor and needy; The Lord will deliver him in an evil day. May the Lord keep him, and give him life, And make him blessed on earth, And not deliver him into the hands of his enemies.

-This Psalms is a prophecy of Christ, and the (END), and also of His (DEATH) and (RESURRECTION), and which brings healing to all true believers and followers of Yeshua- from sickness to wholeness, see v. 4, and heal my soul, v. 5: The Lord is saying, for I have sinned against you (v. 5), He is taking our part our sins which He paid for on the Cross, he said "It's Finished", The Lord Himself is sinless, and of innocence: (see, Hebrews 7:25-26): Verse 10, makes a reference to Judas (John 13:18), vv. 6, 9 also of Christ's sufferings and death, and of His Resurrection- see vv. 2, 3, 11-14-

"Help all those in need and do it in spirit and in truth no need for boasting just be like Yeshua!!!"





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