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Mark 15 & 16 Study & Breakdown/ Message About Repentance!!!


JESUS BEFORE PILATE- See also (Matthew 27:1-2; Luke 23:1-25; John 18:28-19:16)

Mark 15:1-15

15:1: THE JEWISH RELIGIOUS LAW: dictated the death penalty for blasphemers (Lv 24:16) under Roman occupation the Jews were prohibited from carrying out any executions- that's why they needed the permission by PILATE the Roman governor to sentence Yeshua (Jesus):

15:2: PILATE'S QUESTION: "ARE YOU THE KING OF THE JEWS???": the question was asked because of the political charges that were stacked against Yeshua (Jesus): SINCE PILATE would not execute a man over religious matters, the chief priests were desperate so they made up these charges: A political crime would in fact guarantee the death penalty!!! They made Jesus seem as if He was an earthly King, which would be treason- see (John 19:7-12)

15:3-5: THAT THE SAVIOR ANSWERED NOTHING: fulfills the prophecy in Isaiah 53:7: which portrays the Messiah being silent as He is led "as a sheep to the slaughter"

15:6-11: THE CHIEF PRIESTS STIRRED UP THE CROWD, (v. 11): Pilate was hoping to have Jesus released, because Pilate knew this Man was indeed innocent of all charges: (vv. 10, 14; John 18:38; John 19:4-6): So Pilate turns to the crowd looking for support in dire hope they would ask for Yeshua (Jesus) but instead BARABBAS: See- Matthew 27:16: 27:16: YESHUA (JESUS) IS THE TRUE SON OF THE FATHER: Yet the name BARABBAS MEANS "SON OF THE FATHER": The crowd must choose between the one Son of the Father and the other: The influencing to the crowds from the chief priests to choose Barabbas (v. 20), so they were indicating to which father they belonged to that is Satan (John 8:44):

15:15 PILATE'S SIN: was less than that of the Jewish leaders who delivered Christ to him (John 19:11) for the Jews had the Law as well as the prophets to instruct them, but Pilate did not: Pilate was not without sin, but his desire TO GRATIFY THE CROWD, he knowingly sent an innocent Man to Death...

MOCKED BY SOLDIERS- See also (Matthew 27:27-31)

Mark 15:16-20

15:16-20: Read my Matthew 27:27-31-Notes: 27:27-31: EVERY KING IS PROCLAIMED BY HIS SOLDIERS: The intention was indeed mockery, but it was also prophetic that Yeshua (Jesus) should be crowned and hailed as KING by soldiers of the governor (see also John 11:49-51, where Caiaphas unwittingly prophesies of Christ's redemptive work): This mockery shows Yeshua (Jesus) is the One who is despised and rejected by men who bears the iniquity of us all (see, Isaiah 53:3-9): Yeshua (Jesus) is clothed in SCARLET, representing both His royalty and the sins of humanity which He has taken upon Himself!!!

THE CRUCIFXION- See also (Matthew 27:31-44; Luke 23:26-43; John 19:17-27)

Mark 15:21-32

15:21: MARK MENTIONS SIMON: was THE FATHER OF ALEXANDER AND RUFUS because they were most likely still living, and possibly known to mark's hearers: The Spiritual message, here like Simon (name translates to obedience), are not only called to carry the cross, but also seeing in others , we are called to bear each other's burdens as well (Galatians 6:2)-

15:26: THE INSCRIPTION: See also (John 19:19-22): Pilate's actions are prophetic showing us that the Jews rose up against their King, but the Cross was the victory our Lord used to establish His Kingdom!!!

15:27-28: CHRIST IS BEING CRUICFIED: TWO ROBBERS- fulfills the Scripture Prophecy (v. 28; Isaiah 53:12)- also showing us how He as in Christ is identifying with sinful humanity!!!

JESUS DIES- See (Matthew 27:45-56; Luke 23:44-49; John 19:28-37)

Mark 15:33-41

15:33: DARKNESS:- See (Zechariah 14:6-7; Amos 8:9)

15:34: see and read Notes- Matthew 27:46: 27:46: YESHUA (JESUS) PRAYS PSALM 21: Which foretold the very details of the Crucifixion: His cry in the Psalms the cry "WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???" Sometimes is misinterpreted as a cry of despair: According to early saints and their teachings, Yeshua (Jesus) took on our nature, so Yeshua experiences our alienation from God in His humanity, knowing our suffering and distress, yet He does not despair: He speaks these words in the name of humanity, completely identifying with us in our condition, for His divinity, He is never forsaken by the Father!!!

15:37: see and read notes from Matthew 27:50: 27:50: YIELDED UP HIS SPIRIT: Christ's death was 100% voluntary to the very end, for on the Cross, His life could not be taken from Him against His will: Christ accepts death on the Cross neither to receive the Father's punishment on our behalf, and not even satisfy the Father's need for blood-justice (God would never demand such things), but so that by entering death as a divine Son of God, He can destroy this last enemy, which is death itself (1 Corinthians 15:20-28; read and see notes, and also see Luke 23:46)

15:38: VEIL: See my Matthew 27:51-notes: 27:51: THE VEIL: that separated the Most Holy Place from the rest of the temple was a symbol of the separation between God and mankind: The death of Christ opened the way into the presence of God for all people, giving us all an access to that which is the most holy of all: God Himself:

15:39: THE CENTURION, a Gentile who realizes that Jesus has dominion over nature, and so acknowledges Him as THE SON OF GOD- tradition knows this Soldier as St. Longinos!!!

15:40-41: THE FAITHFULNESS OF THE WOMEN: shows that in Christ, divine order is being restored to the fallen world: Eve was created to complete Adam (Genesis 2:18), but Eve ended up leading Adam to sin (Genesis 3:6), now the women disciples are remaining faithful while the men flee and hid: So it is the women who bring the message of the Resurrection to the men (Luke 16:9-11; Luke 24:9-11) so restoring that which was broken through sin!!!

THE BURIAL- See also (Matthew 27:57-61; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42)

Mark 15:42-47

15:43-46: See and read Notes- Luke 23:50-53: If the apostles had buried Christ, than it would have opened up doubters saying that His body was simply hidden away...Joseph being both a council member and a good and just man refutes any possibility that the Lord's body was hidden by the apostles:


THE EMPTY TOMB- See also (Matthew 28:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-10)

Mark 16:1-8

16:1: THE SABBATH: Christ died so close to the Sabbath, the burial customs of the Jews could not be completed: The faithful women went as early as possible to complete the rites of burial: MARY THE MOTHER OF JAMES: See Luke 24:10: Many teach that SALOME was the wife of Zebedee and the mother of James and John

16:4: THE STONE HAD BEEN ROLLED AWAY: Was not to help the Lord to get out because He needs no such assistance- (John 20:19)- it was to show the entire world that there was indeed an empty tomb!!!

16:7: THE MENTION OF PETER: is revealing special care for the one who denied Christ: This shows us indeed Peter had repentant and been forgiven by Yeshua (Jesus)!!!

16:8: THEY SAID NOTHING TO ANYONE: does not mean or imply that the women never said anything, but tells us the women remain silent until Jesus appeared to them (vv. 9-11)

THE RISEN CHRIST APPEARS- See also (Matthew 28:9-10; Luke 24:13-43; John 20:11- (John) 21:25)- & THE GREAT COMMISSION- See also (Matthew 28:16-20; Luke 24:44-49) & THE ASCENSION- See also (Luke 24:50-53)

Mark 16:9-20

16:9-20: TWO EARLY TRANSCRIPTS: do not contain these verses as part as Mark's Gospel: but nearly all other manuscripts that have ever been discovered to indeed have them: The early Church say they are canonized Scripture and are considered by the early Church to be inspired, authoritative, and genuine!!!

16:12: ANOTHER FORM: Christ's resurrected body transcends meaning outside space and time as well as in the physical state or appearance!!!

16:15: See and read my Matthew 28:19-Notes: 28:19: THIS GREAT COMMISSION: Is our Lord's final commandment given here on earth-is to be lived out in the Church and surrounded by other followers of Yeshua until He returns again: Making DISCIPLES can't be made in the strength of man, but only in the power of God: The power of the Resurrection is not only for Jesus Himself, but is given to all believers who put their trust and faith in Him and in only Him and nothing else!!!

16:17: NEW TONGUES: is referring to the ability to speak in languages that one has not learned in order to edify others in worship (1 Corinthians 14) and to preach the gospel (Acts 2:1-11):

16:18: TO TAKE UP SERPENTS: is primarily referring to a spiritual battle against demons (Luke 10:19): So, Christ is promising to deliver

believers from the powers of sin: This also includes certain physical protection as well: St. Paul was bitten by a serpent and suffered no harm (Acts 28:3-6), and according to tradition, Barsabas Justus (Acts 1:23) was forced by unbelievers to drink poison and survived!!! Do test the Lord our God in doing harmful acts it's a sin- (Dt 6:16; Matthew 4:7)!!!

16:19: See Luke 24:51: Now it came to pass, while He blessed them, that He was parted from them and carried up into heaven.

Message about Repentance!!!

Revelation 3:3

3 Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you





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