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Luke 9 Study & Breakdown/ Message about being Chosen in an Unbelieving World!!!


THE TWELVE SENT OUT- See also (Matthew 9:35-11:1; Mark 6:7-13)

Luke 9:1-9

9:1-5: Same as my Matthew 10:1-4- Notes: The Twelve Chosen: Matthew 10:1-4:- Disciples (v. 1), apostles, (v. 2)- these terms are interchangeable for the first twelve!!! Yeshua gave them authority to perform miracles and trample serpents, casting out demons!!! See Mark 6:7- they were sent out two by two!!!

9:7-9: THIS IS THE SAME HEROD: Pilate would send Yeshua (Jesus) too during His trial (Luke 23:7): He is the son of the Herod who is responsible for killing the innocent infants in Bethlehem when Yeshua (Jesus) was born (Matthew 2:16): The beheading of St. John is found in (Mark 6:14-28)

FEEDING THE FIVE THOUSAND- See also (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; John 6:1-14)

Luke 9:10-17

9:11-17: EARLY SAINTS SEE A LITURGICAL PARALLEL: with the feeding of the FIVE THOUSAND: here Christ is first HEALING AND HE SPOKE of the gospel, and then fed THE MULTITUDE with the miraculous bread by the hands of His disciples: In the Church, a person is healed through baptism; then at the Liturgy, the gospel is preached the bread of life and the cup are received from the hands of the ordained clergy:

9:13: YOU GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO EAT: This commission is a preparation for the apostolic ministry of the disciples will perform after Christ's Resurrection: They feed the world with the word of God and with the Eucharist: FIVE LOAVES AND TWO FISH: CHRIST IS THE SAME CREATOR OF ALL!!!

9:16: CHRIST LOOKED UP TO HEAVEN: "Not as receiving power from elsewhere, but as honoring the Father who begot Him..." THAT CHRIST BLESSED AND BROKE the bread teaches us "not to touch any meal until we have given thanks to Him who gives us food" (JohnChr): The blessing here presents a clear eucharistic image and directs us to pursue spiritual food greater than that which is earthly (see John 6:26-27):

PETER'S CONFESSION: JESUS IS THE CHRIST: See also (Matthew 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30) & FIRST PREDICTION OF THE PASSION- See also (Matthew 16;21-28; Mark 8:31-9:1)

Luke 9:18-27

9:18-19: THE CROWDS: Just like in all generations what the crowds have to say about Yeshua (Jesus) is usually unpredictable and many times misguided!!!

9:20: WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM???: is the ultimate question in Scripture as well as in all of Theology: How this question is answered some say defines the universe: Christ (In Hebrew- is Messiah) also means "ANIONTED ONE": The declaration of PETER THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST OF GOD reveals Jesus is not just another anointed king or prophet , but instead is the long-awaited Savior!!!

9:21: JESUS DESIRES TO: keep His identity as the Christ hidden to avoid both political and theological misunderstandings: It was only after His Passion and Resurrection can His identity as the Messiah be understood- (see, also- Matthew 12:16-21-Notes)

9:23: TWO THINGS: (1): Each of us must take up HIS OR HER CROSS: The burden in this world is different for each of us, and each of us have been chosen by God to bear certain struggles for his or her own salvation and also the salvation of those around them: (2): The cross is to be taken up DAILY: Commitment to following our Lord and Savior is not to be a one-time event: Instead it is the continual practice of faith and obedience, even to the point of being shamed and persecuted by the entire world!!!

9:27: THIS IS A REFERENCE: to those who will witness the Transfiguration (vv. 28-36), as well as to all those in every generation who experience the presence of God's Kingdom!!!

THE TRANSFIGURATION- See also (Matthew 17:1-9; Mark 9:2-10)

Luke 9:28-36

9:28-36: See my Notes on "TRANSFIGURATION" at Matthew 17 Study:

9:31: CHRIST'S DECEASE (Greek...means exodus or departure): refers to His death: Christ's Death in intimately connected to the glory of the Transfiguration, Christ is glorified through His Death- (John 12:23): The term exodus reveals that the Passion of Christ is a fulfillment of the OT Passover and is the true exodus from enslavement into salvation: This revelation of divine power also shows Christ and His upcoming death was not imposed on Him by outside forces, but instead He voluntary offered His life in Love, for no arresting soldier could withstand such glory if Christ had not consented (Matthew 26:53):

THE UNBELIEVING WORLD- See also (Matthew 17:14-21; Mark 9:14-29)

Luke 9:37-42

9:40-41: THE DISCIPLES FAITH WAS INCOMPLETE: (Matthew 17:19-20), Christ's rebuke is also to the crowds, whose faith was weaker - (see, Mark 9:22-24):

SECOND PREDICTION OF THE PASSION- See also (Matthew 17:22-23; Mark 9:30-32)

Luke 9:43-45

9:44: CHRIST'S REPEATED PREDICTION: of His Passion was meant as encouragement and to strengthen His disciples for all the bad they would soon face once He left: He also wanted to give them assurance that He was not powerless but instead had all the power going to the Cross at His own Free Will!!!

WHO IS THE GREATEST??? See also (Matthew 18:1-5; Mark 9:33-37) & THE RIGHTS OF JESUS' DISCIPLES- See also (Mark 9:38-410

Luke 9:46-50

9:46-50: LITTLE CHILD: See my (Matthew 18:1-4-Notes as well): Early saints say that John's comment as a regret, his conscience having been pricked by what Christ said about the LEAST AND THE GREAT: St. Ambrose, had a different point on this saying John had full obedience to accept such a blessing: In either case, the response of Christ shows those acting in good faith are not excluded, and doesn't matter if they are not currently numbered among the disciples:


Luke 9:51-62

9:57-62: I WILL FOLLOW YOU: There is definitely a cost to discipleship!!! Yeshua (Jesus)- reveals THREE- (1): the disciple must give up all personal or even earthly security - if the Lord has NOWHERE TO LAY HIS HEAD, neither will the disciple: (2): nothing, not even the honor due to parents, can be an obstacle to serving the Lord: (3): A disciple cannot delay in accomplishing the good that Christ demands from us all!!!

Message about being Chosen in an Unbelieving World

-I find this to be an honor and also a challenge!!! Yes I have an uphill battle but now I get it the Lord has Chosen me to preach and teach both truth and righteousness!!! It has to be my personality is why He chose me to do this because when the time comes, I'm pretty sure He knows I will go out screaming Yeshua- Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!!! I said yesterday a storm is brewing on the horizon and it seems I was right, and this again reaffirms why I was chosen tough times moving forward meaning we need a

tough but pure and honest teachers to pull us through the dark days ahead!!!





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