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Luke 7 Study & Breakdown/ Message About Forgiveness!!!


A GENTILE SOLDIER'S FAITH- See also (Matthew 8:5-13)

Luke 7:1-10

7:1-10: THIS CENTURION, a Roman Gentile who is unusual in his devotion to the Jews: He has a notable character: compassion (v. 2); love for God and His people (v. 5); humility (v. 6); and great faith (vv. 7-9):


Luke 7:11-17

7:11-17: THIS IS ONE OF THE THREE RESURRECTIONS: that were performed by our Lord as recorded in the Gospels (see, also Luke 8:41-56; John 11:1-44): The promise of the prophet of Ezekiel is confirmed here, that God will one day open the graves and raise all the dead (Ezekiel 37:1-14): Many people have tried to exercise authority over the living; but only the Son of God "has the power over both the living and the dead": While Christ has the power through His word alone (John 11:43), here He also TOUCHED the coffin to show that His very body is life-giving: This is also prefiguring Christ's own Resurrection: Mary would weep for Jesus at the Cross, yet her tears would be turned to joy by the Resurrection, here a widow's ONLY SON is raised from the dead, putting an end to her weeping (AmbM)- St. Ambrose of Milan

JOHN'S MESSENGERS INQUIRE OF JESUS- See also (Matthew 11:2-19)

Luke 7:18-35

7:18-23: JOHN THE BAPTIST: was imprisoned sometime after the baptism of Jesus (Mark 1:14): John directed his disciples to follow Christ (John 1:29-31, 35-37), some remained with him: John's own faith was undoubtedly strengthened by the signs Christ performed, the Fathers universally see this encounter as a means John used to convince his remaining disciples that Jesus was indeed the COMING ONE!!!

7:28: HE WAS THE GREATEST PROPHET: John's earthly life and ministry remained in the time period of the old covenant: The new covenant so far surpasses the old that the LEAST IN THE KINGDOM IS GREATER THAN THE GREATEST OUTSIDE OF IT: This does not mean or even imply John will not be resurrected to the Kingdom, but merely that his life on earth came before something far superior!!!

7:30: see my notes from Mark 11:27-33: 11:27-33: Luke 7:29-30- And when all the people heard Him, even the tax collectors [a]justified God, having been baptized with the baptism of John. 30 But the Pharisees and [b]lawyers rejected the will of God for themselves, not having been baptized by him. Same as my Matthew 21:23-27-Notes: 21:23-27: SINCE CHRIST IS NOT A LEVITICAL PRIEST: The chief priests and the elders challenge His authority to cleanse the temple: Christ is careful not to reveal Himself to scoffers, He deflects them with a different question about JOHN: Both the elders' question Christ's question to require the same answer, and thus would lead a person to confess that Jesus has come from heaven: not answering them, here Jesus is teaching us not to answer people who come to ask of holy things with a malicious intent!!!

7:31-34: THE CHILDREN: would play this game in two groups: One group would mimic and act like musicians, while the other group refused to respond appropriately to the type of the music being PLAYED: The Pharisees were so rigid in their religion that they were unable to respond to and engage the world around them. So, they rejected JOHN as being too mournful and ascetic, and Christ as being too merciful and joyous:

7:35: IN SPITE OF BEING REJECTED: by the Pharisees, both John and Christ are JUSTIFIED, not by the opinions of men, but by their CHILDREN, Those who would come to believe and be faithful!!!


Luke 7:36-50

7:36-50: THIS PHARISEE: was intrigued by Christ, as evidenced by his invitation, but he clearly does not believe in Him, as noticed by his reaction to Christ's mercy (v. 39) and by his lack even of common hospitality (vv. 44-46): The encounter with the sinful WOMAN is an icon of the grace found only in the Church: Through her, "the Church is justified as being greater than the Law, for the Law does not know the forgiveness of sins, nor the mystery in which secret sins are cleansed; therefore, what is lacking in the Law is perfected in the Gospel" (AmbM) - St. Ambrose of Milan

7:36-50: This passage is read on days commemorating holy nuns:

7:49: THAT A MAN COULD FORGIVE SINS: was beyond the bounds of the Law as the Pharisees understood it- (see- Luke 5:21): Christ was not a mere man, but the very Law-Giver Himself: "Who could declare things that were above the Law, except the One who ordained the Law???" (CyrAl)- St. Cyril of Alexandria

Message about Forgiveness!!!

FORGIVENESS: The remission of sins and all of our guilt, through the love of Christ: it's given originally through BAPTISM; forgiveness for continuing sin is reclaimed through REPENTANCE, The Lord forgives and has forgiven the sins of all from the Cross, so we as followers as Yeshua (Jesus) are to forgive all who sin against us without even complaining about doing it!!!





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