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Luke 24 Study & Breakdown/Enlightenment Through Christ and His Greatness!!!


THE WOMEN FIND THE TOMBS EMPTY- See also (Matthew 28:1-8; Mark 16:1-8; John 20:1-18)

LUKE 24:1-12

24:1: THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK: was the day after the Sabbath-Sunday-which in the Christian tradition is called the Lord's Day, the day of worship- (Acts 20:7): SPICES: see my Luke 23:55-56-Notes:

24:2: See Matthew 28:2: THE STONED IS ROLLED AWAY: not to let the all-powerful Lord out, but to let us witness His Resurrection!!!

24:4: THESE MEN IN SHINNING GARMENTS...were angels!!!

24:5-7: IN ORDER TO DISPEL ANY DOUBT: the angel confirms his message by recalling the words of Christ Himself: IN THE CALCULATING THE THIRD, The first day is Friday, the day on which Christ died before sundown: The second Saturday, the Sabbath on which Christ rested in the tomb: The third day, which begins after sundown on Saturday, is the day of Resurrection, Sunday!!!

24:10: SOME TEACH THAT MARY THE MOTHER OF JAMES: was the wife of Alphaeus, and this James was one of the Twelve (Luke 6:15): Most, hold the position this is the Virgin Mary, being in fact the stepmother of a different James, "The Lord's brother" - see (Matthew 13:55 notes- and compare them with my Mark 15:40,47 notes): The Virgin Mary appears in certain icons of the Myrrh bearing Women, and in a hymn by St. John of Damascus, we sing "The angel cried to the lady full of grace, Rejoice, O pure Virgin: your Son is risen from His three days in the tomb..."

JESUS APPEARS: THE ROAD TO EMMAUS- See also (Matthew 16:12-13)

LUKE 24:13-35

24:13: THE TWO OF THEM ARE CLEOPAS- (v. 18): And, according to tradition, and also Luke: It was common literary device for a writer not to give his own name (see- Mark 14:51; and John 21:24)

24:16: THE NATURE OF THE RESURRECTED BODY: is so different from its previous state it is not immediately recognizable (John 20:14; John 21:4, 12; see 1 Corinthians 15:35-44): It is also able to take different forms, which is what occurs here- (see-Mark 16:12 and my notes): THEIR EYES WERE RESTRAINED: Christ intentionally prevents them from recognizing Him in order to expose their doubting thoughts and then cure them by means of the OT Scriptures- (v. 27)

24:21: THE DISCIPLES HOPE FOR REDEMPTION: was still imbedded in a foolish (v. 25) misunderstanding of the Messiah as a political savior or deliver: With Christ's death, this earthly hope had been dashed!!!

24:26-27: IT IS PARTIAL FAITH: to believe either in a Messiah who only SUFFERED or one that would only reign in HIS GLORY : Complete faith sees Christ the Messiah encompassing both, for all of this was foretold in the Law and the Prophets (see also notes for v. 16):

24:30-35: THE LORD BREAKS BREAD: in the same manner as at the Last Supper (Luke 22:19), imaging the Eucharist of the NT Church: All who commune with the Lord in His risen Body in faith have THEIR EYES OPENED- (v. 31) To know Him, for the Lord is KNOWN MOST PERFECTLY IN THE BREAKING OF THE BREAD- (v. 35):

24:32: DID NOT OUR HEART BURN WITHIN US: the inescapable effect of hearing the Holy Scriptures taught correctly and with faith (see- 2 Thessalonians 2:15): This burning is the conviction that the words and promises are true!!!

JESUS APPEARS TO THE APOSTLES- See also (Mark 16:14; John 20:19-23)

LUKE 24:36-43

24:36: PEACE TO YOU: This greeting of Christ is proclaimed by the priest or the bishop frequently in Orthodox worship services!!!

24:38-43: CHRIST EATS: not because He in His resurrected Body needs food, but to prove to the disciples that He is truly risen in the flesh: The spiritual significance assigned to the FISH is active virtue, and the HONEYCOMB is the sweetness of divine wisdom!!!

JESUS ENLIGHTENS THE APOSTLES- See also (Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:15-18)

LUKE 24:44-49

24:46: SEE MY NOTES FOR (vv. 26, 27):

24:47: THE REMISSION OF SINS: refers to the putting away of sins in baptism and communion, which is preached by St. Peter at Pentecost (See- Acts 2:38):

24:49: ARE ENDUED WITH: Is better translated "have put on" (the same verb found in Ephesians 6:11), indicating the complete protection of spiritual armor: TARRY also better translated "sit down", and is an instruction not only to stay in place, but also take rest and prepare and be attentive before a great and difficult task (Compare Mark 14:32 with this): THE PROMISE OF MY FATHER: is the Holy Spirit (see- Acts 1:4):

THE ASCENSION- See also (Mark 16:19-20)

LUKE 24:50-53

24:51: THE ASCENSION OF CHRIST: is celebrated forty days after the Resurrection (ACTS 1:3) This events fulfills the type given when Elijah ascended in a fiery chariot (4 KG 2:11) and marks the completion of Christ's glorification and Lordship over all creation: At, the Incarnation, Christ brought His divine nature to His human nature: In the Mystery of the Ascension, Christ brings human nature to the divine Kingdom: He reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit in His glorified body, revealing His glorified human nature that is human flesh-to be worshipped by the whole angelic realm:

"Since becoming enlighten through Christ my eyes are more opened than ever before... I was truly blind but now I truly see, I was truly lost, but now I'm truly found and I truly believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the way the light and the truth!!! He is the way and His Love truly endures forever!!!

I love bringing the Gospel each day to you all but JPCE Spiritual Talk is now at a cross roads with WIX!!! See I worship the Lord and only Him furthermore I also think for myself using God's wisdom!!! WIX is now in full support of Ukrainian Propaganda, and I do not like logging into my blog and seeing the little Ukrainian support Banners, they should all be removed!!! Since I pay for my blog a nice monthly fee, I do not want my money going to any Political agenda or propaganda for that matter!!! JPCE Spiritual Talk does not support Russian Propaganda, Ukrainian Propaganda, NATO Propaganda, including all lying Propaganda from UNITED STATES itself!!! JPCE Spiritual Talk will continue it's mission of teaching and preaching God's Divine Words in both spirit and in truth, but we will call out all hypocrisy in the meantime, WIX needs to change, but JPCE Spiritual Talk will continue to pray because its all spiritual warfare!!! This war in Ukraine is the weirdest one ever nothing makes sense, but seems like nothing but drama and distraction!!!





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