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Luke 20 Study & Breakdown/ Render God What is His & Render Caesar What is His!!!


WHAT IS JESUS' AUTHORITY??? See also (Matthew 21:23-27; Mark 11:27-33)

LUKE 20:1-8

20:2: THESE THINGS: are referring to the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem as the Messiah (Luke 19:35-38), the cleansing of the temple (Luke 19:45), and His Preaching (Luke 20:1): The elders confront Jesus because it was the duty of the priestly descendants of Levi to manage the temple: Christ was descended from Judah (Luke 3:33), yet Christ Himself is the High Priest "according to the order of Melchizedek" (Psalm 109:4), a priestly line far greater than that of Levi, for His authority is from the Father- The One Who Sent Him!!!

THE WICKED VINEYARD TENANTS- See also (Matthew 21:33-46; Mark 12:1-12)

LUKE 20:9-19

20:9-16: IN THIS PARABLE, THE MAN: represents God the Father, and the VINEYARD is referring to God's people. THE VINEDRESSERS are leaders of the Jews entrusted for all the care of the people: EACH SERVANT (vv. 10-12) SENT by the owner is referring to an OT Prophet who comes to call people back to God, while the BELOVED SON (v. 13) Refers to Christ Himself: When the Son is cast OUT OF THE VINEYARD (v. 15) to be KILLED, this is understood on two levels: (1): that Jesus was killed outside Jerusalem; and (2): that Jesus was crucified by foreign soldiers, not by those of His own vineyard: THE OTHERS (v. 16) Who later receive the vineyard are the Gentiles brought into the Church!!!

20:17-18: THAT STONE: IS CHRIST: This saying is giving us an illustration of two way destruction: Those falling on the stone are people who are suffering their own effects of their own sins- while those whom the stone FALLS are unrepentant people who become POWDER in the final judgement- (JohnChr):

DO WE PAY TAXES TO CASEAR??? See also (Matthew 22:15-22; Mark 12:13-17)

LUKE 20:20-26

20:20-26: THIS QUESTION ON TAXATION: was designed to trap Jesus: a YES would turn the Jewish people against Him, while a NO would have brought charge of treason by the Romans: Our Lord's answer defeats the Scribes and shows even a believer can render the state its due while still serving the Lord our God without compromising anything- (Romans 13:1-7): The coin bears the IMAGE of the emperor and is properly paid to him, so each person bears the image of God and therefore belongs to Him: Conflict arises only when the State demands what is actually God's to be theirs!!!

THE MYSTERY OF RESURRECTION- See also (Matthew 22:23-33; Mark 12:18-27)

LUKE 20:27-40

20:27-40: See my Matthew 22:23-33- NOTES: 22:23-33: YOU ARE MISTAKEN, (v. 29): Christ is confirming there will indeed be a Resurrection, the Sadducees are imagining something a little different than Yeshua is describing: The Sadducees considered the resurrection to be continuation of earthly life (including earthly marriage), and so mocked such doctrine with an absurd scenario: They were extremely ignorant of THE SCRIPTURES, which reveal a complete transfiguration of life in the resurrection, making such earthly questions irrelevant!!! They failed to understand how Abraham and his sons believed in a God even if they are physically dead- Christ teaches that the souls of the faithful in Him that have departed from this life are sustained before the face of God!!!

SON OF DAVID, SON OF GOD- See also (Matthew 22:41-46; Mark 12:35-37)

LUKE 20:41-44

20:41-44: THE FIRST REFERENCE TO THE LORD: is applying to God The Father, while the term MY LORD refers to Christ: This question is answered in that Christ is the Son of David in His humanity and David's LORD in His divinity- (see also my notes on Matthew 22:41-46): 22:41-46: CHRIST ASKS THIS QUESTION: To lead the Pharisees to the only logical conclusion: That He is God Incarnate: They thought the Messiah would be a man and replied that the Messiah would be the SON OF DAVID: David, as King of Israel, could not and would not address anyone as "LORD" except God: In (Psalm 109:1), David refers to the Messiah as "LORD": Therefore, the Messiah must be God: The only possible conclusion is that the Messiah is a descendant of David only according to the flesh, also is truly divine, and sharing His LORDSHIP with God the Father and the Holy Spirit: The Pharisees do not ANSWER because they realized the implications and are afraid to confess Yeshua (Jesus) to be the Son of God- (see also and notes on Luke 20:41-44):

BEWARE OF THE SCRIBES- See also (Matthew 23:1-36; Mark 12:38-40)

LUKE 20:45-47

20:45-47: See my Matthew 23:1-39- NOTES: 23:1-39: YESHUA (JESUS) SPOKE: His final public sermon critiquing the ways of the scribes and Pharisees. Few Examples: (1): The Jewish leaders have God-given authority to teach God's Law, but are personally ungodly and hearts have grown cold: Their teaching is to be honored, but they are not be imitated (vv. 2-7): (2): God, The Lord is our true Father and Teacher: A teacher or father here on earth is one who leads people to the Lord our God: The scribes and Pharisees do the opposite, by placing themselves in the position of God (vv. 8-12): (3): In His eightfold indictment of the scribes and Pharisees (vv. 13-36), Yeshua (Jesus) charges them with changing God's values as well as being mean spirited, very judgmental, greedy, ambitious, and absorbed in externals-materialism, and blindly self-righteous: These charges were directed against the Jewish Leaders of Yeshuas' time, but every word applies equally to those in the Church today who behaves in this manner!!!

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