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Luke 2 Study And Breakdown!!!


CHRIST BORN IN THE CITY OF DAVID- See also (Matthew 1:18-25)

Luke 2:1-7

2:1-3: GOD USES EARTHLY RULERS TO ACCOMPLISH HIS WILL: THIS CENSUS: enabled Christ to be born in Bethlehem, which fulfilled the prophecy of (Micah 5:1): AUGUSTUS ruling as the emperor over many scattered cities is an icon of our one Lord gathering the scattered pagans of the world. CHRIST BEING REGISTERED in this fallen world enables us the faithful in Him to be registered in the name of God!!!

2:7: THE TERM FIRSTBORN: does not imply whether Mary in fact had other children, but does state that no children were born to her before Yeshua (Jesus): The first born son is traditionally the primary heir and recipient of blessings: In Orthodoxy, Christ's SWADDLING CLOTHS are seen as burial wrappings meaning His one purpose was to endure death-(Col 1:15, 18), teaches us that Christ is the firstborn over all creation, and also the firstborn from the dead: THE MANAGER, or feed trough, would have been located in a cave where the animals were kept, this fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah: "The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master's crib (Isaiah 1:3)


Luke 2:8-20

2:8: THE SHEPHERDS: are chosen to hear the announcement of the Nativity, as they are symbols of Christ the Good Shepherd (John 10:11): Unlike the Pharisees, the Shepherds were without guile and had simple faith!!!

2:13-14: THE MESSAGE OF THE FIRST ANGEL: Is confirmed by the MULTITUDE, fulfilling the Law in which every word is established with two or three witnesses (Dt 19:15): Christ is our PEACE who has come to earth; and it is through Him alone that we are longer estranged from God (see, Ephesians 2;14-16):

2:17-20: THE SHEPHERDS: are also images of the bishops and presbyters of the Church, who proclaim Christ to all and to the whole world!!!


Luke 2:21

2:21: CHRIST HAS COME: to perfectly fulfill the Law, He receives CIRCUMCISION under the Law see (Luke 1:59 and notes from yesterday) In the Orthodox Church, it is ancient tradition to NAME a child EIGHT DAYS after birth with a special blessing!!!


Luke 2:22-24

2:22-24: THE PRESENTATION OF CHRIST: (also called the Meeting of the Lord) is celebrated in the Church on February 2: Mary fulfills THE LAW (Lv 12) by bringing Jesus to the temple on the fourteenth day: (In the Orthodox Church mothers and newborns also receive a special blessing also on the fourteenth day) : The Law required an offering of an unblemished lamb to be brought, or if the mother is not able to bring a lamb, then she brings A PAIR OF TURTLEDOVES OR TWO YOUNG PIGEONS (Lv 12:6-8), May and Joseph offer turtledoves, but Christ is the unblemished Lamb of God, and so they perfectly fulfill the Percepts of the Law by offering Him as well!!! This also fulfills the prophecy spoken when Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac and said "God will provide Himself the sheep for a whole burnt offering (Genesis 22:8)


Luke 2:25-35

2:25-26: SIMEON: represents humanity in WAITING FOR THE CONSOLATION OF ISRAEL: He fulfills Psalm 90:16, in which God makes a promise to the one who loves Him "with length of days I will satisfy him, / and show him my salvation..."

2:28: THE HYMNS OF THE CHURCH: compare Simeon's reception of Christ to Isaiah's reception of the burning coal from the angel (Isaiah 6:6-7): both cases here, the prophet receives the life-giving fire of the offering, Isaiah received the type, Simeon receives the fulfillment!!!

2:29-32: THE CANTICLE OF SIMEON: is sung daily at Vespers: Since SALVATION (v. 30) has been born into the world, ALL PEOPLES can embrace death ( see, Php 1:23) For Christians death is no longer frightful but a gateway to everlasting PEACE, (v. 29)

2:34: THE SECOND COMING: of the Lord will be the reckoning of the entire world: For the believer, it will be resurrection to life; for the unbeliever, it will be a falling into judgment (John 5:29)

2:35: THE SWORD: is referring to the anguish that Mary will experience in witnessing her Son's death on the Cross: HER SOUL will be pierced with grief!!!


Luke 2:36-38

2:38: BOTH MEN AND WOMEN are called to proclaim Christ's REDEMPTION, and women are first to proclaim His Resurrection- (Luke 24:9)

JESUS' CHILDHOOD IN NAZARETH- See also (Matthew 2:19-23)

Luke 2:39-40

2:40: THAT JESUS GREW AND BECAME STRONG IN SPIRIT: does not imply that He was lacking any divine perfection at any time: rather is indicating that in emptying Himself and assuming human nature (Php 2:7), He freely subjected Himself to human development and expression (see, also v. 52)


Luke 2:41-52

\2:41: PILGRIMAGES TO JERUSALEM: on the holy days like PASSOVER were customary for Jews, often entire clans or villages would travel together!!!

2:46: APPEARING TO BE LOST FOR THREE DAYS: Christ prefigures His rest in the Tomb!!!

2:48: JOSEPH IS HONORED WITH THE TITLE FATHER: for his care and upbringing of his adopted Son: This title prefigures our adoption by God, whom by grace we call Father (Galatians 4:4-7)

2:49-51: CHRIST'S ETERNAL GENERATION: from the Father is divine, while his maternal ancestry is human, Jesus was obedient to the will of His Father, and then is willingly SUBJECT TO His mother and father!!!

2:52: see note at Luke 1:5

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