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Luke 19 Study & Breakdown/ Healed, Restored and Victorious!!!



LUKE 19:1-10

19:1: JERICHO: was a place of iniquity and is commonly associated with sinful living (see- Luke 10:30)

19:2: HE WAS RICH: See Luke 18:24-27-Notes: The encounter between Christ and Zacchaeus demonstrates that grace can indeed accomplish what is impossible to mankind!!!

19:3-4: MANY SPIRITUAL INTERPRETATIONS: express an universal significance of this encounter: Some see the crowd symbolizing sins: "crowded in by a multitude of passions and worldly affairs, he is not able to see Jesus..." St. Ambrose gives 3 parallels: (1): Zacchaeus being SHORT is telling us of him being short on faith and virtue; (2): that Zacchaeus must ascend a TREE is showing us that no one attached to earthly matters can see Jesus; and (3): The Lord intending TO PASS THAT WAY is revealing that Christ will approach anyone willing to repent and believe!!!

19:8: GIVE: Here Zacchaeus is using this term for his free and generous offering TO THE POOR, AND RESTORE for what he owes to who he had cheated, as this was not a gift but required by the Law (Exodus 22:1): By doing both, Zacchaeus not only fulfills the Law, but shows his love of the gospel!!!

19:9: THE TITLE SON OF ABRAHAM: Is indicating that Zacchaeus had become a patriarch of Israel: he was counted righteous by his faith, and he became generous toward the poor, and he was united to the people of God: Some early records tell us that Zacchaeus went to be a bishop of the Church!!!

19:1-10: This passage is read on the fifth Sunday before Great Lent, called Zacchaeus Sunday!!!

THE PARABLE OF THE MINAS- See also (Matthew 25:14-30)

LUKE 19:11-27

19:11-27: SEE MY MATTHEW 25:14-30-NOTES: 25:14-30: THIS PARABLE IS TEACHING: Us how to use the gifts given to us by God: ONE TALENT was a great sum of money, and here it's representing the goodness the Lord has bestowed on each of us: The amount each of us receives is based on our own personal abilities- (Romans 12:4-7): The Lord does not show partiality in the ultimate reward, for all are invited to share the same JOY (vv. 21, 23): THE WICKED AND LAZY SERVANT- (v. 26)- could not evade responsibility for ignoring their talent, for idleness is as much as a rejection to God as outright wickedness in itself: BUYING THE TALENT IN THE GROUND, (v. 18)- is an illustration of one's God given gifts for early pursuits: THE BANKERS- (v. 27) Represents other faithful people to whom the man could have turned to help him use his talents wisely: Since help was immediately available to him the Church, the man than has no excuse!!!

THE COLT BORROWED- See also (Matthew 21:1-7; Mark 11:1-7) & THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY- See also (Matthew 21:8-9; Mark 11:8-10; John 12:12-19)

LUKE 19:28-40

19:28-40: SEE MY NOTES MATTHEW 21:1-11: THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY: into Jerusalem marks the public acclamation of Jesus as the Messiah: The crowds understanding of the Messiah is flawed in that they were expecting a political leader, a king, where Christ is coming to establish a Kingdom "NOT OF THIS WORLD"- (JOHN 18:36):


LUKE 19:41-44

19:42: JERUSALEM MEANS- "FOUNDATION OF PEACE": only faith in Christ brings true PEACE- A TRUTH HIDDEN from a city that will soon turn against it's Savior- (see- my Luke 12:51- notes)

19:43-44: THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM: was foretold by Yeshua (Jesus) and would occur in the year AD70: This is also describing to us the spiritual end of every person who lacks faith:

CLEANSING THE TEMPLE- See also (Matthew 21:10-17; Mark 11:11; 15-17) & JESUS' POPULARITY- See also (Mark 11:18-19)

LUKE 19:45-48

19:45: SEE MY MATTHEW 21:12-13- NOTES: 21:12-13: THOSE WHO BOUGHT AND SOLD: Were trading in live animals to be used for sacrifices: THE MONEY CHANGERS: Traded Roman coins for Jewish coins since Roman coins, which had the symbol of Caesar, was considered defiling in the temple: (1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19)- teaches us that each person is considered a temple of God, it is also a sign that our hearts and minds must be cleansed of earthly matters!!!

-Healed, restored & Victorious is how I'm feeling today!!! The Lord truly answers our prayers, things have been crazy for us lately: But the Lord lets me know once again He truly hears us and He understands our struggles and complaints!!!






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