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Luke 17 Study & Breakdown/ Leadership Is a Stewardship!!! SEE NOTE: before the study, No video!!!

No video still not feeling all that well but better than yesterday...Still a little wheezy with some shortness of breath & a slight cough other than that it's back to the Word of God!!! The Lord is always watching these studies are both my time with all of you and with the Lord, i use this time to get closer to Him, I'm thinking my video's will resume back on Monday, and thank you all again for following our Bible studies, have a blessed evening!!!

LEADERSHIP IS A STEWARDSHIP- See also (Matthew 18:6-7, & 15- Mark 9:42)

Luke 17:1-10

17:1-2: LITTLE ONES: referring mainly to little children: and also by extension to anyone whose heart is humble and merciful that is fully dependent on the Lord our God- (see also-my notes, Matthew 18:1-4, 6): 18:1-5: THIS QUESTION IS POINTING TO A SELFISH INTEREST IN WORLDLY POWER: Pointing to a LITTLE CHILD as an example or a model of what true DISCIPLESHIP really is: Yeshua is empathizing the virtues that are required to enter the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: Humility, dependence, lowliness, simplicity, obedience, and a willingness to love and to be loved!!! (John 6:9)

17:4: See my Notes- Matthew 18:21-35: 18:21-35: SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN: Symbolic for an unlimited amount: Here the parable is teaching us the need for unlimited forgiveness: TEN THOUSAND TALENTS (v. 24), is an impossible sum, more than a laborer-worker could earn in several lifetimes: A HUNDRED DENARII (v. 28), is a significant amount from an earthly perspective roughly three months of wages: yet it is nothing compared to a debt owed by a KING: GOD not only stays the punishment we deserve, but forgives us the entire debt as well (v. 27): The Lord forgives us so in return we are to forgive others just the same!!!

18:25: SOME EARLY SAINTS GIVE A SPIRITUAL INTERPRETATION TO THE PUNISHMENT DESCRIBED: The man represents the soul, the wife represents the body, and the children represent a person's deeds...Thus, the body and the deeds are given to slavery, that is to Satan, so that the soul might possibly be saved, see also (1 Corinthians 5:5):

17:6: THE MULEBERRY TREE: is symbolic when talking about the works of Satan-the devil: The leaf of this tree that silkworms feed, worms being an image of hell- (Mark 9:42-48): This interpretation from a patristic referencing is confirmed by numerous scriptural images of evil being and beings destroyed IN THE SEA (Luke 8:33; Exodus 14:27; Matthew 21:21; Revelation 20:10):

17:7: THE SERVANT PLOWING: is mentioned first and the one TENDING THE SHEEP second, showing us that one must first work out his own salvation (Philippians 2:12) before he can become a shepherd of others:

17:10: UNPROFITABLE ( WITHOUT MERIT) does not mean without value: Rather, it means everything we have comes from God and is owed back to Him: There is nothing we can offer God that is not already His to begin with:


Luke 17:11-19

17:12-14: See my Notes on Luke 5:12-14: 5:12: LEPROSY: was one of the most dreaded diseases of the time: it brought great amounts of suffering not to mention the total banishment and isolation from society, it was seen a symbol of sin!!!

5:14: SHOW YOURSELF TO THE PRIEST: Christ gives this command to convince the priests by a tangible miracle that He is superior to MOSES- (CyrAl): the priests hold Moses to be greater than Christ, yet Christ heals a leper immediately and with His own divine authority: When Miriam was struck with leprosy, Moses had to seek mercy from above, and still she was only healed after seven days (Numbers 12:10-15):

17:17-19: WHERE ARE THE NINE??? Christ came to earth to heal all of fallen humanity, but only a small portion receive Him in faith and thanksgiving TO GIVE GLORY TO GOD (v. 18): "MANY ARE CALLED, but only a few Chosen"- (Matthew 20:16): Worship is the number one priority for all Christians in the faith:


LUKE 17:20-37

17:21: THE KINGDOM OF GOD: is a spiritual reality present within all who follow Christ and endure to the end: WITH YOU is translated "AMONG YOU" OR "IN YOUR MIDST"

17:26-30: THE WARNING: is not to be preoccupied with worldly matters applies all believers and parishes!!!

17:34-36: CHRIST'S SECOND COMING: will be a sudden revelation of Judgement: ONE WILL BE TAKEN to haven and THE OTHER LEFT for eternal condemnation: The separation of the saints from the wicked will occur on the day when the Son of Man is revealed (v. 30) and not, as some speculate today, at an event that occurs before His return!!!

17:37: THE BODY: refers to Christ, while THE EAGLES refers to the angels and the saints!!!

Leadership Is a Stewardship

-Our bodies and souls are our individual temples for God, and all belongs to Him...We are to be good stewards of our bodies and souls, taking care of them and feeding them with the proper spiritual tranquility that can only come from the One True God...Taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual well beings is what makes us great leaders, demonstrating this makes us great Stewards in our faith leading by example, this is how it begins-all by example just like Yeshua (Jesus)





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