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Luke 16 Study & Breakdown/Be a Just Steward not an Unjust One!!! No Video- See my Note before study

No Video today I'm not feeling all that well...Went to Urgent Care Today been wheezing and having troubles breathing, like I have said before I have asthma and Chronic COPD and I get these reoccurring flare ups...Right now it's hard to talk without wheezing and coughing, but here is a quick update my chest x-rays were normal...It seems all I need for now is a steroid, rest and whatever I have doing here at the house for now...If I don't get better than go back it seems, but let's all pray I won't be going back anytime soon!!! Peace be with you all, hopefully tomorrow the videos will resume!!!


LUKE 16:1-13

16:1-9: A STEWARD: is responsible for managing and taking care of his master's house and property, looking after the welfare of his servants: This Parable makes a point that the unrighteous are better at using money to make friends in this world than believers are at using money to MAKE FRIENDS for the Kingdom of God- which is accomplished by spending it on the needy: AT DEATH (WHEN YOU FAIL) the needy will welcome their benefactors into the EVERLASTING HOME (v. 9):

16:10-12: THE TEST: as to whether God will bestow heavenly blessings (TRUE RICHES) on a person is directly related to how a person may spend their money: The money that we consider to be our own is actually ANOTHER MAN'S, THAT IS, BELONGING TO GOD, or at least to the poor: Early saints universally see a person's failure to give money to God's work as stealing: "nothing less than embezzlement of money belonging to someone else" -(Theoph)- Theophylact of Bulgaria


LUKE 16:14-18

16:15: THINGS THAT ARE HIGHLY ESTEEMED AMONG MEN: include money, power, position, and praise!!!

16:17: See my Matthew 5:18-Notes: 5:18: Assuredly (Gr. amen) means truly or confirmed or so be it!!! Ajot (Gr. iota) is the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet: a tittle is the smallest stroke in certain Hebrews letters: the whole Law is affirmed as the Foundation of Christ's new teaching!!!

16:18: See my Matthew 5:31-32-Notes: 19:9: THE PERMISSIBLE REASONS FOR DIVORCE: Were expanded during the times of the ancient Church to include threat to a spouse's or child's life and desertion, in also in all cases acknowledging the spiritual tragedy of such a situation, see also (Matthew 5:31-32):


LUKE 16:19-31

16:22: ABRAHAM'S BOSOM: means heaven!!! Abraham is mentioned among all the righteous because comparing him to the rich man, Abraham showed hospitality to strangers (Genesis 18:1-8): THE RICH MAN...WAS BURIED: Early saints see this as illustrating the state of his merciless soul, buried by the pleasures of the flesh: The rich man was already buried in life by "couches", rugs, furnishings, sweet oils, perfumes, large quantities of wine, along with different varieties food along with flatters" (JohnChr- St. John Chrysostom): That the rich man remains unnamed indicates that he is ultimately forgotten (see- Psalm 9:6)

16:24-26: THE RICH MAN'S APPEAL TO ABRAHAM: as a spiritual FATHER is not rejected: Abraham willing accepts this role, calling the rich man SON and showing himself to be compassionate even towards the most wretched of men: THE GREAT GULF Is the complete separation between virtue and wickedness, a separation that cannot be overcome after death: The torments did not change the rich's man heart, as he still see LAZARUS as a servant existing for the sake of his own comfort: Christ here finishing up reveals the communion of the saints: a man; not even a believer, calls out Hades and converses with Saint Abraham!!!

16:27-31: THIS PARABLE: According to some early saints is set after the Final Judgement, citing the punishment and reward being received by the two men respectively: Some see this Parable set a time after death but before the Second Coming of Christ, as evidenced by the man interceding on the behalf of his brothers who are still living: The torment he is experiencing is just a look into his final state: From this perspective, we can learn that souls of the departed have awareness of and concern for the state of those still alive on earth (see, Luke 9:30-31; 2Mc 15:12-16; Matthew 2:18), but also that the intercessions of a wicked man are heard, but avail nothing (compare and contrast- James 5:16):

16:31: THE IGNORANCE OF SCRIPTURE: Is sometimes said to be a great cliff and a deep abyss: "It's impossible for anyone to be without benefit if he reads continually and with attention" - (JohnChr- St. John Chrysostom): The rebellious were not persuaded even when people did RISE FROM THE DEAD (Matthew 28:11-15; John 12:9-11):

-We are to be good stewards in all we do for the Lord...We are maintain and take care of the planet because our Creator in trusted us with this duty...We are maintain helpful and healthful relationships with others...We are to maintain our places of worship and with others to ensure they remain just that a place of worship, learning and healing...Lastly we are to be good stewards throughout communities imitating Christ our God, it's okay to be imperfect, because our Lord uses the imperfect people and situations to do good...So today be a good steward in all you don't be an unjust one that is nothing but drama!!!





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