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Luke 10 Study & Breakdown/ Message About being a Good Samaritan!!! The Seventy List posted-



Luke 10:1-24

10:1: THE SEVENTY: Information will come from an article out of my Study Bible called : "THE SEVENTY"- The Lord appoints seventy men to go out as missionaries as apostles: The Seventy carried out their missions remaining true to the Lord and true to their calling spreading the news of salvation to all!!! They would remain successful even going through the hardships of the Roman Occupation and even beyond that!!! (Luke 10:1-17): THE LIST OF THE SEVENTY VARY SOMEWHAT: Nerveless all of these men are remembered in the calendar of the Church (I will take pic of the list of the seventy and post to my notes-shalom!!!)

10:2: WE ARE TO PRAY: not only for THE HARVEST of converts to Christ, but also for THE LABORERS who will reach them all:

10:3: LAMBS: speak of the sacrificial life of the apostles as well as all of the followers Christ: THE WOLVES are those who seek to scare and devour those who follow the Lord (John 15:18):

10:7-8: CHRIST HERE IS COMMANDING HIS APOSTLES TO EAT: whatever is offered to them: (1): The apostles must be content with what is offered to them not matter if it's food; (2): the gracious reception of others' hospitality takes full precedence over personal fasting or dietary disciplines!!!

10:9: THE GOSPEL MESSAGE: is not simply the fact that there is a Kingdom in the future, but the fact is that the KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME NEAR:

10:13-16: JUDGMENT: is severe for all those who reject Christ after experiencing His grace: Let's compare those who have never known Christ due to their own genuine ignorance are without sin in that regard (John 15:22-24), and are instead judged by their God-given conscience- (Romans 2:12-16)

10:1-15: This passage is read for the commemoration of apostles

10:16-21: This passage is read on April 25, the Feast of the Apostle Mark, and on November 8, the Commemoration of Holy Archangels!!!

10:18: I SAW SATAN FALL: is describing an event that took place before the creation of the world: Five times Satan says he will set his will against God (Isaiah 14:12-15; see also (Revelation 12:7-12)

10:21: BABES: people of simple faith and open hearts- (see- Luke 18:15-17)


Luke 10:25-37

10:30: JERUSALEM: is a place of peace, symbolic for communion with God: JERICHO, is known as a place of sin (see, Luke 19:1): FALLING AMONG THIEVES speaks to the natural consequence of a life that leads people into a place of sin and further away from God- (see, John 10:10)

10:31-32: TITLES AND POSITIONS: are meaningless in the eyes of God especially when good deeds do not accompany them: THE PRIEST AND LEVITE do not help the man also indicates the failure of the OT Law to heal the consequences of sin!!!

10:33: THE SAMARITAN: while being a despised foreigner- is seen as an image of Christ (John 8:48), for He "came down from heaven" -(Nicene Creed) to save even those in rebellion against Him!!!

10:34-35: THE BANDAGES, OIL, AND WINE: are sacramental images (1): the garment of baptism, which brings us out of the wounds of sin; (2): the oil of Chrismation, which gives us new life in the Holy Spirit; and (3) the communion of the divine Blood, which leads to eternal life: HIS OWN ANIMAL is indicating Christ bearing our sins in his own Body, and the INN reveals the Church in which Christ's CARE is received-He pays the price for that care- (1 Corinthians 6:20; and 1 Corinthians 7:23)

10:22-24: This passage is read for the commemoration of hieromartyrs:


Luke 10:38-42

10:38-42: MARY AND MARTHA: are the sisters of Lazarus, the one Jesus raised from the dead (John 11:1): Martha is not rebuked for SERVING, but instead is rebuked for complaining and also for being DISTRACTED, WORRIED, AND TROUBLED: In following Christ, we serve in order to help with the spreading and teaching of the gospel- (See also, Acts 6:1-4)

Message about being a Good Samaritan:

-A random act of kindness that is 100% genuine goes a long way-remember there are many good people who serve us daily for whatever reason or profession that doesn't always get a thanks or a thought: do something for them no matter what the need is just do it with no other intentions other than just being a human being!!!






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