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Kiev Lost 10 Fortified Positions/ NATO for Conflict 400,000 on Alert/ Psalm 100:5

Rybar: Russian forces entered Torske!

Russian troops broke through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and entered Torske near Kremina, Lugansk.

From the village of Karmazinovka the Russian units launched a counterattack and advanced 1.5 km in depth and 2 km along the front.

In just a few days, Russian forces managed to control important heights and capture more than 10 fortresses previously controlled by Ukrainian forces.

Up to 105 Ukrainian soldiers were killed while 2 tanks, 5 AFVs, 3 trucks, Akatsiya and Gvozdika self-propelled guns, and D-20 and D-30 artillery systems were destroyed in one day.


For the first time since World War II, NATO is adopting new defense plans to be implemented in the event of war with Russia. The new defense plans cover 5-6 areas and to be implemented it will be necessary to revise all existing NATO structures.

Reports indicate that the Rapid Reaction Force will now amount to 400,000 troops…

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PSALM 100:5
For the Lord is good.
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.

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