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John 5 Study & Breakdown/ The Father and The Son Work Together!!! The Chosen Pool Scene Healing clip



JOHN 5:1-15

5:1-15: THIS HEALING IS THE THIRD SIGN IN JOHN'S GOSPEL (please see my Notes on John 2:1-11 for better understanding): and this exemplifies the divine power to restore a person to wholeness: Many early saints teach that this FEAST is the OT Pentecost (also called the Feast of Weeks), this celebrates the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai: The references to the Law of Moses later in this chapter confirm this interpretation:

5:2-4: THIS DOUBLE-BASIN POOL: This pool was surrounded by these stories that the pool had curative powers, it was discovered about 100 yards north of the temple area, near the SHEEP GATE: THE WATER: for this high-ground pool came from under ground springs and was used to wash down the sacrificial lambs before they were slain: This pool can be seen and function as a type of Christian baptism: under the old covenant, A GREAT MULTITUDE (v. 3) Waited to enter the water for a physical healing after AN ANGEL touched it (v. 4): The waters were special in that they were a way of indirectly participating in the animal sacrifices of the temple, since the animals were washed in the same water: The grace was limited to the FIRST PERSON TO ENTER: Under the new covenant, baptism is given to all the nations as a direct participation in Christ's own sacrificial death of eternal resurrection of the body, and its grace is full abundance never ending!!!

5:5: ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM: Jesus singled out the MAN who had waited for THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS in order to teach us to have perseverance, and as a judgement against those who lose hope and patience in much lesser troubles lasting a far shorter time:

5:6-7: THE LORD'S QUESTION HERE: is relevant for many reasons: (1): it was made public that THE SICK MAN kept his faith even in a situation that was seemingly hopeless, for how could a paralytic ever be the first into the water??? (2): The Lord draws attention away from the water and towards the needs we have for a MAN to help us: This is fulfilled in Christ Himself, who became man to heal them all: (3): Not everyone who is ill actually desires healing: sadly, some may prefer to remain infirm in order to have license to complain, to avoid responsibility for their lives, or to continue exciting the pity of others!!!

5:10-12: ALTHOUGH THE LAW: itself does not specifically forbid the carrying of burdens on THE SABBATH, this is prohibited in (Jeremiah 17:23)- And explicitly forbidden in rabbinical teachings: Christ is Lord over the Sabbath is being made very clear by His Command here in (v. 8) and by the man's obedience (v. 9); see also Matthew 12:1-8 and the notes-more on this discussion: As often in John's Gospel, the term JEWS here refers to the leaders and not to the Jewish people in general (see-my notes John 2:18-21): Notice the malice of these leaders, for they focus solely on the Sabbath violation, asking the man, WHO IS THE MAN WHO SAID TO YOU, TAKE UP YOUR BED??? but ignoring altogether the miraculous healing!!!

5:14: THAT THE MAN WAS FOUND IN THE TEMPLE: shows his great faith, he went there directly to thank God for his cure rather than departing to someone's home or to the marketplace: SIN NO MORE: while there is a general connection between sin and suffering (Romans 6:23), this connection is not always one-to-one, for the innocent often suffer, and the guilty are often spared earthly sufferings (see- also John 9:1-3): Sometimes our sins lead directly to our own suffering in this world- and according to St. John Chrysostom, this was the case with this paralytic: The warning from Christ here, is that sins that destroy the soul lead to far WORSE result than an affliction of the body, our only hope is to flee from sin altogether!!!

5:15: THE MAN: does not report Jesus to the leaders of THE JEWS in a malicious way, but as a witness to the goodness of Christ: The leaders were only interested in the violation of the Sabbath (v. 12), the man who was healed emphasizes that IT WAS JESUS WHO MADE HIM WELL, saying nothing about carrying his bed!!!


JOHN 5:16-47

5:16-30: WHEN JESUS DECLARES GOD TO BE MY FATHER, THE JEWS: clearly understand this is implying absolute equality (vv. 17-18) : The Son can do NOTHING OF HIMSELF (v. 19) proves that His every act and Word is in complete unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit: This is revealing that the Father and the Son are completely united in nature, will, and action: The Son fully shares the divine attributes of both giving life as well as executing judgement: CHRIST JUDGEMENT (v. 22) Is based on both faith (v. 24) and works (v. 29):

5:25: THE HOUR IS COMING, AND NOW IS, WHEN THE DEAD WILL HEAR THE VOICE OF THE SON OF GOD: The dead refers to both the spiritually dead, who will find life in Christ, and to the physically dead, who will rise in the general resurrection: Christ is confirming this statement by raising Lazarus from the dead- (John 11:38-44) before going to His own death: Verses 24-30 are read at the Orthodox funeral service, confirming the same reward for those who fall asleep in the faith:

5:30: THE DIVINE WILL: is common to the Trinity the complete package of the Lord's awesome power: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are fully sharing the same divine nature that many refer to as the Trinity : When the Son is said to obey THE FATHER, this is referring to His human will, which Christ assumed at His Incarnation: Christ freely aligned His human will every aspect with the divine will of the Father (see- John 6:38 we go over these notes tomorrow), and we are called to do likewise!!!

5:31-47: HOW COULD CHRIST'S WITNESS EVER BE UNTURE??? it cannot (see John 8:14): Rather, Jesus is anticipating the argument and speaking the thoughts of the Jewish leaders (He does the same thing in Luke 4:23): In Jewish tradition, a valid testimony requires two witnesses (Dt 17:6): Jesus offers four witnesses to confirm His identity as the Messiah and also as the Son of God: (1) God the Father (vv. 32, 37, 38); (2): John the Baptist (vv. 33-35); (3): His own works (v. 36); and (4) the OT Scriptures, through which MOSES and others gave testimony- (vv. 39-47):

-The Father and Son work together makes sense because if they weren't Jesus could have fallen under the temptations of Satan: For us we should thank the Lord in every chance we get, just like Jesus couldn't do anything without the Father, neither can we accomplish anything without Christ dwelling in us daily!!! Nothing stops the Word, I went to Urgent Care today but that wasn't going to stop His Words getting out without Christ my teachings aren't possible!!!





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