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Israel/Hamas Conflict- Hostage Rescue's Underway/US Soldiers Deployed to Assist Israel

Good Evening, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and evening to all.

Summary: Jared discussed the ongoing tension in Israel, highlighting the potential for a worsening situation. He shared insights from articles and his perspective, offering his thoughts from a biblical perspective. Jared also warned about potential supply chain issues and the involvement of the US and other nations in the region. He discussed the potential threats to Israel, including armed conflicts with Iran and Palestine and the mobilization of US forces in response. In addition, Jared spoke about his journey of faith and his plans to further his studies in the Bible and theology, emphasizing his commitment to serving others.

Israel's Unsettling Events: Jared's Insights (Time 0:00) Jared led a special talk focused on current events related to Israel, stating that the situation might not improve and could potentially worsen. He read three articles covering the topic and answered questions from his viewers, offering his insights from a biblical perspective. He emphasized his commitment to being an honest voice and serving others rather than seeking likes or subscriptions. Jared also warned about the possibility of supply chain issues shortly.

US Special Forces on Standby in Israel - (Time 3:44) The high-risk operation involves US special operation teams and intelligence agents advising Israeli forces. However, despite official statements that the US will not participate, unofficial sources suggest that American forces may be involved. The Greek navy has been on high alert, with the US deploying intelligence community members and special operation forces to Israel. US special operations teams, including the renowned Delta Force and Navy Seal Team 6, are on standby in a nearby European country. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed that the US has people on the ground to assist Israel with intelligence and planning for possible operations.

Israel Ammunition and Force Movement Discussed (Time 9:10) Jared discussed the ongoing situation in Israel, including the movement of ammunition and air defenses to the region. He noted that Israel has a large reserve force and is smaller than perceived and that the US is strengthening its forces in the region, with the 100th first airborne division being sent to Jordan. Jared also mentioned that the US is sending additional aircraft carriers. The US State Department is in active touch with American citizens in Israel, providing them with options for leaving the country. On the other hand, Russia is urging its citizens to leave Israel due to the worsening situation.

Israel's Preparation for Looming Conflicts - (Time 15:00) Jared discussed potential threats to Israel, including an impending armed confrontation between Iran and Israel on the side of Hezbollah, as well as conflicts with Palestinians and possible involvement from Syria and other nations. He highlighted the Israeli military's preparations for a full-scale war, including setting up hospitals and deploying ships and marines.

Geopolitical Situation: Amphibious Group and Cyber Threats (Time 21:35) Jared discussed the current geopolitical situation, explicitly mentioning the mobilization of the Baton amphibious ready group, which includes the US, Carter Hall, and approximately 3,000 marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He detailed the unit's capabilities and past deployments. Jared also mentioned a potential cyber attack on Israel, with reports of incursions by drones and airborne forces. He referred to ongoing conflicts in Northern Israel and the attempt by Hamas and Hezbollah to overload Israel's iron dome defense system. Lastly, Jared shared his views on the continuing tension between Israel and Palestine, noting that Hamas in Hebrew means violence or destruction.

End Times and Middle East Conflict Discussion (Time 29:20) Jared discussed the signs of the end of the age and the beginning of sorrows as described in the Bible. He highlighted that the current wars, rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes match these signs, suggesting that we live in the end times. Jared also referred to the second Timothy, chapter 3, describing the characteristics of difficult times, which he argued apply to our current society. He concluded by stating that the current conflict in the Middle East, explicitly involving Israel, could potentially develop into a biblical war. Jared warned that if this war continues, it will significantly impact the world for generations and exacerbate existing supply chain issues.

Jared's Faith Journey and Service Plan Jared shared his journey of faith and his plans to further his studies in the Bible and theology. He emphasized his belief in serving others, as inspired by Christ, and expressed his prayers for all, regardless of their beliefs. He concluded his remarks with a biblical blessing and encouraged everyone to seek God's will.

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